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  1. Thanks a lot! If, by some miracle, it happens to work, how would I activate it? Activating the analog out shuts down HDMI. So when HDMI works, it means the analog out isn't working. I've found there is a Linux kernel config/module DRM_SUN8I_TCON_TOP that might be needed. P. S. I don't need audio, so no problem. On the topic of audio, I have started looking at it and should have something working over the next couple of days. The early patches from warmpe merge fine, which is a good sign.. it's just getting the h616 dtsi and dts patches in next. My working branch is here, which compiles fine with some of the additional patches but board configuration patches aren't there yet. https://github.com/pixdrift/armbian_build/tree/zero23_audio
  2. Excuse me? This is a completely absurd statement.
  3. Welcome @VioletGiraffe, thanks for joining the forum and letting us know you can test Must be quite a journey reading the whole thread for the history now, well done In terms of video out, I don't think there has been any specific focus on it and as @Stephen Graf may not be currently supported, but keep an eye out for updates here. I think mainline is good to build off currently, there are no big PRs pending except the Overlay work which may not interest you as it's GPIO related. The options vary based on what OS you're using, but I generally use Edge Kernel, Debian OS and XFCE Desktop options for testing. I can be more specific if you need
  4. @highlander0681, not sure what to say about this image not working https://dl.armbian.com/orangepizero2/archive/Armbian_23.11.2_Orangepizero2_bookworm_current_6.1.68.img.xz My apologies, I missed something obvious as I always test/boot boards using serial/UART. I plugged in a monitor this morning and I don't appear to be getting HDMI out on this image. Not sure if this is a regression or the patches were never added to 'currrent'. It takes about 10 minutes to resize filesystem on my (fast) 64GB SD card (red blinking)., there also appears to be a bug where it resizes filesystem on every boot which is strange. This is from the serial console for the image. No HDMI on this build does look like a problem though, thanks for reporting it @highlander0681. Armbian 23.11.2 Bookworm ttyS0 orangepizero2 login: root Password: ___ ____ _ _____ ____ / _ \| _ \(_) |__ /___ _ __ ___|___ \ | | | | |_) | | / // _ \ '__/ _ \ __) | | |_| | __/| | / /| __/ | | (_) / __/ \___/|_| |_| /____\___|_| \___/_____| Welcome to Armbian 23.11.2 Bookworm with Linux 6.1.68-current-sunxi64 System load: 103% Up time: 10 min Memory usage: 11% of 984M IP: CPU temp: 46°C Usage of /: 94% of 1.9G [ General system configuration (beta): armbian-config ]
  5. I just downloaded, flashed, and booted this image on a Zero2 with no issues. https://dl.armbian.com/orangepizero2/archive/Armbian_23.11.2_Orangepizero2_bookworm_current_6.1.68.img.xz
  6. @highlander0681 can you provide a direct link to the images you used and I will verify on a Zero 2 here. I am regularly building from main Armbian branch and testing on Zero2 and haven't had issues, but it will be quick to test/validate the image you had issues with. I want to confirm you were using images from here as the 'Orange Pi Zero +2' can be confusing (and is a different board). https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-zero-2/
  7. Yes, absolutely, it has been a great source of information.. make sure you leave the credit on any patches you bring over. The list here is great, and this is where I plan to pull over the h61x sound patches from for testing https://github.com/warpme/minimyth2/tree/master/script/kernel/linux-6.6/files
  8. Has anyone got information on this slightly different Transpeed variant (M98-8K)? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005006078280236.html Apparently it's also H618 based, but advertised as Android 13 with a different case without the clock on the front (but most other specs look the same). Would be interesting to see if this board is the same internally and would also work with the same images being built here. If you have this TV box or have photos of the insides, please let us know!
  9. I had a quick chat to @Nick A and confirmed the images work, but we needed a desktop image for others here to test. I just built a Debian XFCE desktop image and it's now also available from here (a little bit bigger than the previous server images) https://armdev.pixeldrift.net/transpeed/8k618-t/ If you are finding this post through a random Internet search, please register for the forum and get involved with some testing and feedback by letting us know if it worked for you
  10. So it appears the builds I have uploaded aren't booting according to @Nick A's testing, so let us figure out why that is before anyone tests these images.. I unfortunately don't have hardware for testing these images, unlike the Orange Pi boards.
  11. I have posted two builds here from @Nick A's GitHub repo, make sure you mention what build you're using when testing so @Nick A can make effective use of the feedback. https://armdev.pixeldrift.net/transpeed/8k618-t/ Nick A's repository in GitHub: https://github.com/NickAlilovic/build They are date/time stamped based on the last commit to the repo at build time, so you probably want the latest one (20240202) but I will let @Nick A comment on that
  12. Hi @heiko910, welcome to the forum! I can generate a build off Nick A's branch and give you a link for testing, but it comes with no guarantees as it's a test image that is in active development Always good to have more people willing to test
  13. My first review of this PR6241 is that it contains a lot of non-zero3 configuration that will only confuse end users. I still maintain my position that this approach isn't best for end users, and a board specific overlay file is a better solution, even if it comes with more overhead. The current list is confusing to me, and I have spent a lot of time with the board, I can't imagine what a new user 'just wanting it to work' would think when presented with this list of options. Additionally, this list will only increase with this approach as more H61x boards are added. I understand your viewpoint @Gunjan Gupta, but I respectfully disagree with this approach. The amount of burden (managing more board specific overlay files) put onto developers in Armbian is far better than the impact that including all boards has on the user experience (UX) for (potentially inexperienced) end users using armbian-config. I can't think of a good reason for anyone developing a product to intentionally make the experience worse for users to save a small amount of time (and disk space) for developers. Another potential option is to update armbian-config to support more complex filtering, or the option to pass a list of overlay filters in the configuration file to allow a board to specify the generic/shared h61x overlays, and then also some board specific ones, but in the interim, I would prefer to avoid the path PR6241 is taking, even if we only make that change for Zero2 / Zero3 for now so we can protect the user experience for these specific boards.
  14. Latest PR from @Gunjan Gupta is here if anyone is available to test, this adds overlays which has been discussed at length in this thread. https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/6241 I have also built an image of this PR6241 if people want to test, it's available here: https://armdev.pixeldrift.net/orangepi/zero3/pr_testing/PR6241_20240202_9a1950d37_Armbian-unofficial_24.2.0-trunk_Orangepizero3_bookworm_edge_6.7.3.tar.xz
  15. -edit- Removed comments abut PR process and taken to PMs to focus on technical discussion here. On this comment, I think it's a fair position to expect the board to operate as per the manufacturer's documentation out of the box. Can we not configure spi1_cs1_pin as PH9 as suggested (not touching the spi1_cs0_pin PH5), and then use that for spi1 out of the box?
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