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  1. thanks for the reply, I removed it from the box/case the idle temp is 65°C now.
  2. hello @jock is my temperature common for r329q boards?
  3. hello @ilmich you said we have same board what is your cpu temp? also your rk322x-config
  4. my r329q_v3.1 idle temperature 😥 ched
  5. here guys armbian working on USB stick thank you @jock & @fabiobassa and the community can you guys tell how this happened after installing armbian on SD and I can now boot from USB stick
  6. after installing armbian on SD card removed the SD card and inserted USB stick, now I can boot from USB stick I will now replace my multitool (USB stick) with armbian
  7. hello @EmilB can you help me because you were able to boot from usb after following jock's guide on rkflashtool what armbian image did you use mine I burned current_jammy from archive builds to USB stick edit: I replaced my multitool in SD card with the current_jammy and it worked but I need my armbian in USB stick
  8. see I did rkdeveloptool db rk322x_loader anything that doesn't work works now I was able to rkflashtool e 0 8192 while earlier it was stuck
  9. I upgraded with rkflashtool and upgrade_tool still can't boot from usb I removed all hdmi usb stick etc. only the usb to usb cord also I always do rkdeveloptool db rk322x_loader so I can do rkdeveloptool rd 3 idk why coz it will say Reset Device Failed you see in the picture it says Reset Device OK.
  10. @jock I want to run armbian on usb and later on to ssd (usb to sata)
  11. hello @fabiobassa I did jump start on NAND burned my jammy_current image with etcher to usb stick and inserted it to otg port it's not booting but multitool still works. I did dmesg in bash shell in multitool and it detects my usb stick...
  12. I was also able to create a backup today from multitool 286mb in size.
  13. hey guys is "Install Jump start on NAND" in multitool the same as flashing u-boot-main.img.xz the method without SD card? "installing u-boot-main.img makes the installed system unbootable because it is missing the NAND driver." is that bad? also in the alternative instructions on NAND: Choose "Install Jump Start for Armbian" menu option is it the same with "Install Jump Start on NAND"?
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