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  1. Blaming Chinese for not honoring copyrights is like blaming a cat for killing a mouse, they do it for a living. armbian staff, please don't punish the users, we are waiting for your build to support this board
  2. eli

    Nanopi Neo 2

    I tend to agree Because maybe this way we gonna get an improved BSP kernel until the mainline kernel is ready
  3. eli

    Nanopi Neo 2

    Do you believe we gonna get a better driver for this chip or at least a datasheet?
  4. eli

    Nanopi Neo 2

    Is just me or the friendlyELEC and orange pies sbcs looking like they came out from the same factory?
  5. eli

    Pine64 Pinebook

    http://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=61&highlight=Allwinner Maybe you found your inside man
  6. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Orange-Pi-Win-Development-Board-A64-Quad-core-Support-linux-and-android-Beyond-Raspberry-Pi-2/1553371_32798200305.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.2dw06p its available now, but wt* with the shipping price 4.05$?!
  7. Hello all, iv'e made some sysbench tests on Pine64, Orange Pi PC2 and Raspberry Pi 3. all three boards are running on aarch64 based OS, for the Pine64 I used Armbian Ubuntu Xenial Server, for the Orange Pi PC2 I used the latest ubuntu image provided by Xunlong and for the Raspberry Pi 3 I used fedora 24 image provided by kraxel the boards: http://s.pictub.club/2016/12/23/sDJQCq.jpg Raspberry Pi 3: Orange Pi PC2: Pine64:
  8. People like jemk, longsleep, jernej and other linux-sunxi are rare with their patient, set of skills and knowledge, they resemble me steve wozniak when he used to write binary code in order to operate the mos 6502 (he didn't had any compilers back then). and quite frankly I don't think the chinese buddy got the knowledge or the same principles like the guys mentioned above, he probably some kind of spaghetti-code-generator freelancer that getting payed for images
  9. Good to know, I was wondering why the cpu couldn't hit 1.5ghz
  10. http://pictub.club/image/ssxcko On Android the opi pc 2 is clocked at 1.54 ghz I used 15x15 mm heatsink http://pictub.club/image/ssxyik http://pictub.club/image/ssxE8x
  11. i don't know if there's any OS for this board yet. iv'e already ordered one and i promise to publish one when it'll arrive, hopefully some sort of OS will be available by then.
  12. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32761481418.html#autostay Orange pi pc 2 is now available
  13. Wow, that's awesome comparison to bad they used Debian Jessie 8.5, kernel3.10.102-2-pine64-longsleep (base image, supplied by Pine64.Pro) used for the PineA64+s. and not Ubuntu. BTW is there ETA for Armbian on NanoPi M3?
  14. I really like your POV I think it would be very interesting to bechmark MPI on pine 64 cluster, after all its the only GbE device on the market that cost 19$
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