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  1. It doesn't say anything else . It is not a package, after having googled for quite some time. It's some sort of problem during boot, usually or mostly caused by corrupt file systems, which isn't the case in my case. It also reproducibly boots with keyboard attached, and as I suppose that that shouldn't fix a corrupt file system, it must be something else.
  2. I searched google, but it isn't a corrupt file system. That's why I posted... Thanks for trying to help, though.
  3. Hi there, after updating the kernel to the latest version, the odroid-c2 only boots if a keyboard is present. If I disconnect the keyboard (which is and was the normal situation), on next reboot, I get a message "Enter root password for maintenance or press CONTROL-D to continue". Obviously, I'd greatly appreciate being able to boot my Odroid without having to connect a keyboard all the time. Best, Bastian
  4. cd /etc/systemd/system/ rm serial-getty*ttys0 You gotta disable the service by e.g. removing the symlink like shown above. Don't remember the exact name of the symlink in, so if the rm doesn't work, find out and use the correct name ;). For me disabling the service like that works (you can also try with systemctl disable), but don't blame me, if it doesn't work for you...
  5. I see this on kernel 4.1.2 as well - Igor, do you have any plans on fixing it with the patch from the link above? I would really appreciate it .