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  1. Hi, for the Odrioid C4 eMMC v0.4 modules are available. like Can I use these v0.4 modules in my Odroid C2, too? I didn't find any information about the compatibility. Thanks in advance! Matt
  2. I see this behaviour with 4.19.69-meson64, too. Switched back to 4.19.57-meson64.
  3. Does anyone has experience with the upgrade from Stretch to Buster on armbian according the Debian upgrade guide? As far as I read a kernel freeze and the steps from the debian upgrade guide should be sufficient for sucessfull upgrade?
  4. I tested Kernel 4.18.8-odroidc2 for a few days and I noticed that the something network related crashes under load. Probably this is network-manager related as Igor mentioned in another thread? Due to the lack of time for more investigation, I went back to the legacy kernel.
  5. Hi! I see these kind of messages every 10 seconds on my Odroid C2 with Kernel 4.18.8-odroidc2. Nov 11 20:39:13 lx0002 systemd[1]: serial-getty@ttyS0.service: Service hold-off time over, scheduling restart. Nov 11 20:39:13 lx0002 systemd[1]: Stopped Serial Getty on ttyS0. Nov 11 20:39:13 lx0002 systemd[1]: Started Serial Getty on ttyS0. If I try to stop it with sysctl .... , it does not work - the messages are still present in log.
  6. The Mainline Kernel is 4.14.40 - is the Kernel available in the repositories? I cannot see it there? My C2 is still on version 3.14 .....
  7. Hi tkaiser, okay, thank you - I wasn't aware of that. Regards, Matt
  8. matt407


  9. Hi tkaiser, thank you for your reply. I'm a bit confused because I thought there is an 4.x Kernel currently the mainline kernel and version 4.14 is at test status? When I look at the download page, kernel version 3.14.79 is listed as unsupported? The reason for the version output is file /etc/armbian-release. I don't know if there is an impact on the armbian installation, if I change the version in this file? cat /etc/armbian-release # PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BOARD=odroidc2 BOARD_NAME="Odroid C2" BOARDFAMILY=odroidc2 VERSION=5.38 LINUXFAMILY=odroidc2 BRANCH=default ARCH=arm64 IMAGE_TYPE=stable BOARD_TYPE=conf INITRD_ARCH=arm64 KERNEL_IMAGE_TYPE=Image P.S. No problem, if the "issue" isn't fixed, if I understand the mechanism behind . In my personal opinion, it will not miss a motd like this on armbian - I like it!
  10. Hi, with my Odroid C2 I experience a strange behaviour regarding Armbian Updates. Initially Armbian_5.38_Odroidc2_Debian_jessie_default_3.14.79 was installed, after installation I did an upgrade to Debian Stretch. Meanwhile a new Armbian version v5.44 / v5.45 with a newer Kernel is available for Odroid C2 devices. If I do "apt update" and "apt upgrade", a newer version isn't visible or would be installed? The system is stuck on v5.38 with Kernel 3.14.79: " Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.38 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 3.14.79-odroidc2 Linux lx 3.14.79-odroidc2 #14 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 25 05:46:07 CET 2018 aarch64 System load: 0.39 0.28 0.30 Up time: 1 day Memory usage: 19 % of 1975MB IP: 172.x.x.x CPU temp: 57°C Usage of /: 51% of 7.0G " When I do "dpkg -l | grep armbian", I see the following: " ii armbian-config 5.45 all Armbian configuration utility ii armbian-firmware-full 5.38 all Linux firmware-full ii armbian-tools-stretch 5.44 arm64 Armbian tools, Cubie bt utils ii hostapd 2:2.6-4~armbian5.38+1 arm64 IEEE 802.11 AP and IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP Authenticator ii sunxi-tools 1.4.2-2~armbian5.38+1 arm64 tools for working with Allwinner (sunxi) ARM processors " Has anyone an idea, what happens here? Many thanks, Matt
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