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  1. Hello Is there an image of the system already with 7" LCD support available somewhere? I need to run the screen on Armbian but skip the compilation and installation. Unless there is no image ready I will have to sit down to do it ;)
  2. Hello I install alsa-utils and mpc , mpd but have hum from the speakers. And when try use alsamixer get sudo alsamixer cannot open mixer: Invalid argument I use jack-audio not hdmi
  3. I use one free gpio in [gpio_para] and now working THX
  4. I add w1_para on gpio 5, But it seems to me that it is already used in CSI1? modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'w1_gpio': no such device Which gpio can I use?
  5. Hello. I try enable 1wire on Cibieboard 2. Could anyone describe to me how to do it? Where is kernel source on debian jesssie on Armbian for CB2
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