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  1. @clostroWe have an antinomic vision I understand your need for Esata for backward compatibility, nevertheless Esata is a specific and dying standard, and there are cables to make the lossless link Esata from a USB Bus. Personally I always preferred a USB3.1 (5/10Gbit) or 3.2 (20Gbit ) on a motherboard, with USB3.2 you could connect 3 cable esata from a hub. Silence is an essential aspect in my technological choices. When I saw the Helios64 with a TdM <15W and its passive radiator, I realized that it wouldn't end up in the attic or in the garage to sucking watt
  2. @WernerI only wanted to bounce off @clostro but imagine in the near future that Kobol offers its customers the option of choosing the backplane with the bundle or as a replacement part. Let's play a game just for Fun : The name of the Game is : The choice of weapons !! What will you choose? A)Backplane Full size (5 HDD) Original B)Backplane 2/5 size (2 HDD) C)Backplane 2/5 size 1 x JMB572 (1x 2 port = 2 HDD) D)Backplane 3/5 size (3 HDD) E)Backplane 3/5 size 1 x JMB575 (1x 3 port = 3 HDD) F)Backplane Half s
  3. The interior is 10.5cm wide and 16cm high and 15.5 deep and a commercial ssd disk has a dimension of 10cm x 7cm x 0.6cm with case. Create a new backplane with 4 x Jmb575 5 Sata ports spaced 1cm each you can plug 20 SDD (up to 80 TB = 20x 4TB) on the Helios64 and put your cache on M.2 Port Sata1 , and waiting for new SoC 4-8 line PCIe v.3 (RK3399 have 4 line v2.1) .
  4. @devmana "midi dsi" is missing ARM32 TFT35 I don't have the level yet but I'm obsessed with a tactile facade on the Helios64. with rail A in SSD I have a lot of space to do.
  5. I'm missing a universe of understanding I lack knowledge Please what am I missing? Can i have pin 32 & 33 HW schematic?
  6. @ebin-dev I notice that the effects of the advertisement are let to the free interpretation of the clients, but it is always instructive. The same configuration as you I use 3 SSD for separate services (Sync, Cloud, Server) and two hard disks for archiving. My two disks are both 10 years old and make a shitty noise but it's still spinning for the moment. I put and remove the disk from unit to avoid the noise of the whole house, if I can let the disks in the unit and just run a special reboot for maintenance this is not a problem for me. I'm planning on redundancy
  7. @ShadowDance Finally, I installed the original fans which were already very good, but this time I pushed further by adding a MAXPWM line limiting the maximum rotation of the fans. This changed my life I feel terribly stupid !! # Helios64 PWM Fan Control Configuration # Temp source : /dev/thermal-cpu # Command # ls -l /sys/class/hwmon | grep fan # cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon4/pwm1 && cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon5/pwm1 # systemctl stop fancontrol.service # systemctl start fancontrol.service # echo 255 > /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon4/pwm1 && echo 255 > /sys/cl
  8. Hi @gprovost I know the different types by heart since 1 year but I misunderstood because I always thought that the power curves were managed only by the unit and not also by the ventilators. These fans (Type A) are very good in idle they emit no sound unless the unit is connected to the power supply in which case there is a very annoying humming in a quiet room (unit power off or on), as I can't use the unit on battery permanently I'll change them. Thank you for this quick precision.
  9. Hi, @ShadowDance Yours Noctua NF-A8-PWM fans stops completely the same as the original ventilators when PWM tends towards 0 ?
  10. I'm digging up this topic I have installed new fans but I can't stop them ! Intro when I remove the power supply the fans run without humming (it's inaudible) during idle (pwd <70) or when the unit is turned off. See the problem here H64 off (same as the unit is turned on idle) the power supply affects the fan, they get annoying. damné How can I adjust it? @aprayogaIs there a solution or do I need to replace my new fans (Coolink SWiF2-80P 80mm PWM)? @gprovostThe originals Fan were very good in idle but I couldn't find the rig