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  1. Hello, I'm trying to install kerberosio on armbian jessie (opi lite), but: 1. There is no *deb package on github (anyone knows why?) 2. When I try to compile, it throws up with errors and the installer even has problems with downloading libav from github (as far as I know it can't download file when there is simple address without www prefix) Did anyone tried to install kerberosio on armbian last weeks? There is no version for orange on etcher, am I right? greetings Scaevola
  2. Hi there, Sorry to dig up this thread, but yesterday I tried to revive my old ly-f1 tablet. I burnt the pcduino2 image to sd, replaced script.bin and... the tablet has started, shown an ubuntu prompt. I logged in as root, changed default password and rebooted. Then it didn't started. The screen was left blank, but was highligted. I thought that it maybe will took more time to boot and left it for a night, but nothing happened. What I did wrong? Ok, and another silly question: where to put the other attached files? to /boot? /boot/bin?
  3. Hi there, I've got OrangePi Lite with RetrOrangePi (from there: ). The device boots up succesfully, but when I get to the desktop, I don't have any access to the net. The ifconfig shows no wlan0 interface, only loopback is present. Do you have any ideas what can I do with that? The RetrOrangePi image is based on the armbian 5.17, so I presume, the correct drivers are present. Maybe it's hardware damage? Allright, got it. I just had to upload proper driver into kernel through init.d.