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  1. @Neil Armstrong thank you, have a nice day.
  2. but I find something different in A311D's datasheet, is it possible for A311D to have a cursor plane?
  3. related to below? I don't understand detail meaning of this part. but missing bit(2) discription and the name in code, i feel there is only 1 scaler, so only OSD1 can be used. right? @Neil Armstrong
  4. so it is impossible for meson drm driver to have cursor plane?
  5. Hi, @Neil Armstrong is there any plan to enable cursor plane for meson-drm driver?
  6. for cursor plain:
  7. another thing is cursor plane, meson drm driver still not support cursor plane, same as sunxi4-drm, while rockchip drm driver supports. if support would have better performence.
  8. I feel that lima developer team is much smaller than panfrost, each day I `git pull`, lots of panfrost changes. still thanks to them.
  9. @m][skodo you have any personal feelings about the performence of lima? what I feel is lima just works, far worse than fbdev. It's about 10°C higher, UI lags with multiwindow or window drag, and some bugs: UI freeze with GPU pagefault, suddenly display power standby.
  10. I found this, but can't find any useful info. do you have something useful?
  11. @m][sko do you know status of panfrost? is there any wiki/forum for info/status?
  12. no, I don;t need his email. because I can build it myself, but if Armbian doesn't want to add mesa packages to its software repository, for debian users, only way is to use my build, but I can't update them so frequently.
  13. could you ask him to build for debian buster?
  14. just check the PPA build log for AArch64, missing ksmro Gallium driver, so it can't be used directly. my git is build from mesa master.