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  1. this raid is for source code and build result.
  2. hi, everyone I have a btrfs raid0 (metadate raid1;data raid0) on 4 HDD (2 * 1T + 2 * 500G): and newly get 2 new device 1T SSD + 4T HDD how about add these 2 device to raid0? what's better solution?
  3. see:
  4. lima opensource driver for MALI GPU is tolked in many wiki, but there are almost no wiki about how to integrate it, or about the detail usability and how it compare with closed source MALI driver. and @superna9999 says "the ultimate focus is Lima" in is there any ongoing effort on lima driver for H3?
  5. please just unhold systemd and do apt update && apt upgrade, everything works fine, I have tried.
  6. this is only happens on legacy kernel, due to kernel is too old and has bug.
  7. @Igor same question, what kind of hack? do you see my PR on github?
  8. do you mean fix/update legacy kernel is not a solution?
  9. while mainline kernel doesn't check FMODE_PATH, in fstat call path. other path still check FMODE_PATH. I have an idea to fix this by patch sunxi8i kernel split fget/fget_light to __fget(fd, mode)/__fget_light(fd, mode) and old fget == __fget(fd, FMODE_PATH), fget_light == __fget_light(fd, FMODE_PATH) on fstat call path, use __fget_light(fd,0) but I don't have build env, so past my idea here.
  10. in kernel 3.4.113 file_table.c: fget/fget_light will check if (!(file->f_mode & FMODE_PATH)) else return NULL; need to patch this part to enable fstat on PATH fds.
  11. it looks like error in this part!! fd = open("/", O_CLOEXEC|O_NOFOLLOW|O_PATH); fstat(fd, &previous_stat) returns error, and errno is EBADF I don't understand. why? when I try to use O_PATH with open, build error. interesting.
  12. build from source include FFmpeg.
  13. does your board booted with old version images? if not please check power supply.
  14. or if display driver is using DRM, maybe /sys/class/drm/ could help you. if display driver is framebuffer, no much info from /sys/class/graphics/