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  1. about amlogic audio in kernel 5.7, there is an issue: revert related patch or wait 5.8
  2. your question is Armbian should start from scratch, not based on debian?
  3. use alsamix, F6 select audio card, enable some switch. then you can have sound out.
  4. 2 pm GMT is 10 pm in China, not too late, I will try to attend. poor English..
  5. install ocl-icd-opencl-dev mesa has very initial openCL support on midgard✓&state=merged&milestone_title=Initial OpenCL kernels with Panfrost (Midgard) you need to install mesa-opencl-icd >= 20.1 or compile yourself.
  6. Lima is not enabled. for you Xorg.conf please remove "device" section, and install xserver-xorg-video-fbdev
  7. you can copy patches from:
  8. your Xorg.conf can only applied to mainline kernel, but it looks like you are using vendor kernel. so you need to use modesetting+mali binary driver. and mali binary driver only supports glse2, thus only gles2 application can use it, desktop rendering still software. meanwhile if you use mainline kernel, you will get desktop be rendered by lima, but don't expect fast than software, due to mali450 is weak, and maybe RK33 is faster.
  9. kernel-headers-$(uname -r) is not kernel header package name provided by armbian. the real name is linux-headers-next-sunxi_5.31 linux-headers-{branch}-{family}_{armbian version} is the syntax. it is in /etc/armbian-release , it is updated with board package, but I don't know whether kernel header package is update with board package? need @Igor to answer.
  10. if X selects the best resolution, but the image is bigger than screen, you need adjust display's overscan setting. but if there is an offset, maybe there is a setting in display but i don't know. it looks like you already had a fixed version.
  11. you need to use alsamixer in console, select audio card with F6, and enable some switch and enlarge volume to have hdmi output.
  12. both, mali450 is slow, lima is not mature. disable composite would be better, and once HW cursor is enable by upstream, there will be a better performance. my S905x, uses mate-desktop with metacity WM composite enabled, using mainline mesa, performance looks OK.
  13. you can use my repo: and follow: to configure
  14. I don't think integrate mali is a good choice, mali kernel driver is difficult to integrate, due to nowadays there is completely different display driver in mainline linux, and mali userspace binary driver only provides opengl_es2, lack of opengl, that means only gles programs can use mali gpu, desktop UI rendering still software. if not build a special OS like lakka, desktop OS good to choose lima/panfrost for gpu driver.