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  1. I suggest to copy configuration from debian kernel, this will not miss some common features for desktop users.
  2. someone says it's possible to use VPU with all mainline solution:
  3. something found in amlogic maillist: URL: mainline HW decoder for Amlogic is almost there.
  4. this is for legacy vendor kernel, for mainline or 4.x 5.x kernel, please check xrander. if you want to keep this configuration, you need to add some config to xorg.conf
  5. and there are slides about overall status of hardware video decode: but it doesn't mention any applications to use these codecs.
  6. no. these 5 thread are about mesa, not vdec, they are different topics. for vdec, I think we need @Neil Armstrong to answer the question.
  7. as described in: it's possible to use meson HW video codec now, but in the URL, not very clear, does any one know how to use it?
  8. I think you/we need to file a bug to
  9. enable this ppa for ubuntu and configure Xorg:
  10. you could try to blacklist lima or panfrost. or add 02-driver.conf to /etc/X11/Xorg.conf.d with below ref to
  11. I notice the rc brach is created, @Igor@lanefu could you clarify the merge policy? Oh, just above..
  12. the main proposal of this research is to enable cached apt archives for docker build. first apt cache can be saved by a docker volume, but due to `${SDCARD}/var/cache/apt/archives` is not a constant, then we can't use `-v=apt-cache:${SDCARD}/var/cache/apt/archives` to enable it. so I use `-v=apt-cache:/root/.apt` as a tmp place for apt cache, when need `apt install` in `${SDCARD}`, use `mount -o bind /root/.apt ${SDCARD}/var/cache/apt/archives` and after install finishes, `umount ${SDCARD}/var/cache/apt/archives` this looks perfect, but after I check /root/.apt, everything is gone. I double checked whether *.deb are saved to /root/.apt, I can find them before `umount`, or even use apt-cache in another container: `docker run --privileged --rm -v=apt-cache:/test -it ubuntu:18.04 bash` I can find debs in /test folder, and gone after `umount` I really don't know why.
  13. some one maybe know I have submitted Armbian support for khadas VIM1, what's the different? these images are built with patches/config from khadas (fenix), thus support all their devices. you can get it from Baidu Netdisk: URL: Code: py8r 链接: 提取码: py8r
  14. according to vivante (mesa/etnaviv) is much stable than lima/panfrost. maybe you can start your build script from this driver.
  15. notice this is only for debian 10 (buster), if you are using old version debian, it's not supported, if you using ubuntu, please go: any issues about my build, please comment here. if not configure Xserver, then no impacket to your system. if you are using wayland, I don't have the knowledge. I will update these packages bi-weekly. if there are someonr use it, and lima goes more stable, I will try to submit it to stable. @Igor is it OK? BTW, I only enable mali GPU driver (lima/panfrost) any other GPU is used by supported SOCs?