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  1. I guess no NPU support, it looks like Rockchip doesn't release NPU driver to public, I have checked their github many times.
  2. I think may be we can remove spi flash from motherboard, thus switch to emmc boot or SDcard boot.
  3. manual page: archlinux Wiki:
  4. it looks you are using mainline kernel, thus vdpau video acceleration is not available. you need to read:
  5. so i'm lucky, just buy a cheaper one, not Samsung chromebook plus. used flip only 230RMB, samsung plus will be 1000RMB
  6. my flip just arrived, 4+32. it's used, but in good condition. I have sent email to maintainer ask help for build flash u-boot. but need approve to send email to u-boot mailing list.
  7. thanks @hexdump, I read your project, and I have found some other, it looks like all the effort is to install in 3rd OS to external storage. why?
  8. recent days I find Chromebook may be better Arm devices with laptop form factor. compare with Pinebook pro, Chromebooks are cheaper, and mass product, and better tested. why no much people discuss how to install 3rd OS to its internal emmc, or reflash its uboot? I have searched on ArchArm forum, only 1 topic. but there actually a way to reflash uboot, and mainline uboot already has support for arm based chromebooks. It should be easy, but why no discussion?
  9. about amlogic audio in kernel 5.7, there is an issue: revert related patch or wait 5.8
  10. your question is Armbian should start from scratch, not based on debian?
  11. use alsamix, F6 select audio card, enable some switch. then you can have sound out.
  12. 2 pm GMT is 10 pm in China, not too late, I will try to attend. poor English..
  13. install ocl-icd-opencl-dev mesa has very initial openCL support on midgard✓&state=merged&milestone_title=Initial OpenCL kernels with Panfrost (Midgard) you need to install mesa-opencl-icd >= 20.1 or compile yourself.
  14. Lima is not enabled. for you Xorg.conf please remove "device" section, and install xserver-xorg-video-fbdev
  15. you can copy patches from: