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  1. I really don't understand this kind of things, it looks like not moving to is something sin. freenode atm sure it in difficult, they are splited, is it necessary to stand oneside, before everything clear and settle down? just like openoffice. after many years virtualbox is still running very good.
  2. I find this comment in u-boot, this means extlinux.conf supports dtbo. extlinux is much friendly.
  3. Amlogic doesn't support GPT, RK3399 support GPT.
  4. VIM1 dont have GBE, and left USB port don't have enough power for USB hard driver. anyway it's good SBC, I have it.
  5. please use setting tools provided by desktop env or xrandr from X11, or xorg.conf
  6. it's defined by Rockchip, so don't ask why, just follow. I think can't build without BL31, but you can skip BL32.
  7. Box86 only supports 32bit, so Arm64 needs to install arm32 to work. @rna in your case, you add a 32bit chroot env to run Box86, could you try add armhf architecture `sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf` (I remember armbian already added armhf to arm64) and repeat everything in armbian.
  8. you need to know how u-boot boots linux kernel and brings it userspace. the only thing you need to care is boot command, but the boot command you should make u-boot to know where to find kernel/initramfs/dtb, no mater where you put them. for no initramfs,. if your kernel has enough driver to mount your root device, I guess that's fine. but usually initramfs is required.
  9. Rockchip Socs are best ARM socs for Linux desktop use. hope board makers build good devices for us.
  10. this improvement only in some certain cases. and the cases are mixed in our daily use, maybe not high frequently used, so 8x~20x * frequency, that's actual improvement, we can feel.
  11. thanks to Armbian leads me to the Arm world, I can build my own os image for my arm SBC.
  12. Paypal is not usable popular in China, would you like to add Alipay or wechat Pay, if you want to accept RMB donation. BTW, I think some of you have experience in buy products in Aliexpress, thus you may have an Alipay accounts. Alipay: Wechat Pay:
  13. the simple way: install pulseaudio mpv -ao pulse xxx.mp3
  14. I guess no NPU support, it looks like Rockchip doesn't release NPU driver to public, I have checked their github many times.