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  1. I just review the patches needed for kernel hwdec, and Armbian already has it, and build it as module. here is the way you able to use hwdec. 1, download server image for orangepipc. hwdec not support X ot wayland. 2, build ffmpeg and mpv yourself. A, build ffmpeg. download ffmpeg 5.1.2 source from git or from ffmpeg.org (recommend git for easy apply patches) apply patches from https://github.com/jernejsk/FFmpeg drmprime: v4l2-drmprime-n5.1.2 branch v4l2-request: v4l2-request-n5.1.2 branch total 23 patches. build ffmpeg with `--enable-hwaccels --enable-v4l2_m2m --enable-libdrm --enable-libudev --enable-v4l2-request`, others keep default. B, build mpv download and build with no X, no Wayland support. mpv.conf ao=alsa vo=gpu hwdec=drm
  2. check your console tools (minicom) config.
  3. I think you are using debian official kernel, or build from it. I think you need to check the patches from armbian, cherry pick some to rebuild debian kernel.
  4. I guess already use mainline uboot? right? if you are still using verdor uboot, debian kernel missing 1 patch to support boot mainline kernel on vendor uboot. I have added configs to enable debian kernel to support amlogic socs, tested A311d, S905x3 should also be supported. I guess you have wrong boot method, suggest you to use extlinux.conf install of boot.scr (local boot) install `u-boot-menu` and use extlinux.conf as boot menu to boot debian's kernel. if this not work, I suggest you to use `debootstrap` to rebuild your system, if you know how to configure system to bootable.
  5. just install linux-image-arm64 from official debian repo, if missing some feature, just replace the dtb, then install zfs-dkms.
  6. /dts-v1/; /plugin/; / { fragment@0 { target = <&uart0>; __overlay__ { pinctrl-0 = <&uart0_xfer>, <&uart0_cts>, <&uart0_rts>; bluetooth { compatible = "realtek,rtl8723bs-bt"; device-wake-gpios = <&gpio4 26 0>; host-wake-gpios = <&gpio4 31 0>; enable-gpios = <&gpio4 29 1>; }; }; }; }; dtc -I dts -O dtb bt.dts -o bt.dtbo would you like to try this dtbo?
  7. https://lore.kernel.org/all/20190217121513.22965-4-beagleboard@davidjohnsummers.uk/
  8. if you want to try VIM's u-boot, armbain supports VIM, you can download armbian and flash it to SD card. https://www.armbian.com/khadas-vim1/
  9. due to no vendor binary blobs to build uboot, restore to vendor OS is the only way to unbrick. these binary blobs are for memory init, power sequency. now your device is bricked, you can just try VIM's u-boot or p212's u-boot. 只能重新刷成出厂的云OS。你看看国内论坛有没有。例如:znds.com等。 既然你的设备已经坏了,可以试试VIM. 或 p212的u-boot。这样可以重新安装成Linux/Armbian,但安卓/云OS只不能了。 不懂可以私信我。
  10. U-boot.bin boot.scr meson-gxm-magicbox-m16s.dtb u-boot.bin boot.scr meson-gxm-magicbox-m16s.dtb
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