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  1. Hi, can you add an additional SPI NOR Flash chip, please? I have a 32MBit MX25L25645 SPI Nor flash. Boot log: U-Boot 2020.10-armbian (May 06 2021 - 19:22:15 +0000) SoC: Rockchip rk3399 Reset cause: POR Model: Radxa ROCK Pi 4B DRAM: 3.9 GiB PMIC: RK808 MMC: mmc@fe310000: 2, mmc@fe320000: 1, sdhci@fe330000: 0 Loading Environment from SPIFlash... unrecognized JEDEC id bytes: c2, 20, 19 *** Warning - spi_flash_probe_bus_cs() failed, using default environment PS: Maybe it's also not such a good idea to white-list individual Flash chips, since this breaks users' setup by default when there is no real reason to do so. Imho it is a better idea to blacklist chips, if they are known to not work. Thanks and best regards!