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  1. As I understand it, it's for Visual Studio Code that can be used to program the just released Raspberry Pi Pico.
  2. I have NanoPi R2S running at the same time. And the temperature looks similar. But temperature is around 10 to 15C higher as well.
  3. I'm running Armbian 20.08.1 (Ubuntu) in NanoPi NEO3, and after running sbc-bench,sh benchmark, the temperature does not revert to the idle temperature for several hours until exactly 4am. The system was idle all that time, until a small CPU usage spike at 4am. That's because it rebooted at that time, maybe due to a short power failure. So what confuses me a lot is why the idle temperature will get back to around 60C only after a reboot. 11 hours of idle time would not do it, but a simple reboot would magically drop the temperature by close to 15C.
  4. Interesting box, especially with all the Linux distributions provided by the Chinese community. But I can't find it for sale anywhere, even in China. I could see it in JD (for 1099 RMB!), but it's now been removed.
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