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  1. Ok, i am giving up... something is absolutly wrong here... Lowered Fuse to 0,125mA fast, set CPU Clock to 1200Mhz, GPU on, USB on, reboot, stresstest... and it doesn't burn up. I don't get the clue. Maybe i will increase the DRAM Clockspeed and add some periphicals... Have fun! Greetings Chris
  2. "As an example: We chose default Armbian settings for NanoPi NEO to ensure this board is not able to exceed 2W consumption when running with no peripherals connected. This resulted in CPU and DRAM clockspeed of just 480/408 MHz while booting (the first ~20 seconds). In normal operation we limit maximum CPU clockspeed to 912 MHz to stay below the 2W consumption barrier even in worst case scenarios." This looks like an answer... so we are again at 2W = 400mA@5V So i can choose 315mA but may be killed or 500mA to be something safe... and mayb
  3. Hi tkaiser, thank you. Yes, V1 is a "bad"choice, but FriendlyARM didn't tell me that they will have powerissues when i ordered it. Bad thing to be one of the first ordering i think. And they didn't telll me that they will invent Heatsinks in future. Its not so much power overdooze that i am frightend about it. Less than my workstation does burn actually with this nonsense to discuss my own questions... Timeconsuming nonsense. Ahm, no i am not interessted at all in powerconsumption Things... just tried to make the powercircuit a bit more save and personallly i think this is a good att
  4. Thank you, my mistake in math... And to be clear... yes... 400mA while booting... you are right... But I need a Value to buy a Fuse, at the shop they want to know what value in X Amps... I just don't want to burn 15 Boards with one which maybe will fire up... In this case the fuse should cut the powerline to reduce the damage by shorting GND. So the Value I need is slightly up the value a NanoPI NEO is able to drain maximum... 400mA-2A right? but i have no idea of real maximum a NanoPI NEO with armbian defaullt settings... is able to drain in regular usage... To be ef
  5. Hi, i am actually a bit confused. I thought that a NanoPi Neo V1.0! which is set to 1200Mhz Clockspeed, enabled USB and enabled GPU should burn a additonal 1A (fast) Fuse while doing a 100% Stresstest. It doesn't. Just get more speed and heat... I added an additional Wlan Stick for more powerconsumption... but this doesn't help either. In my opinion and the always stated "on 912Mhz" max 2 Watts... it should kill the 1A on 1200Mhz no? 5V 2W = 1A ... I do a small cluster here and i want to save the GND Rail for shortage to save the other nodes if one Node is melted down and caus
  6. Wow tkaiser, thank you! That link is interessting and it looks to be the information i had a look for. So "default maximum conssumption" is the maximum possible of a legacy armbian Image right? 2000mW so 400mA maximum on any case? Crazy... thought about 2 Amps... o.O Just with the disadvantage of 33% Performanceloss, i think this is a good atttempt. In my case i will run many threads which will get 100% usage on the SoC. mmh, about booting... i can configure a parrameter which will slowdown the bootprocess... thats great... so 15 different parameters will get me an the PSU safe it seem
  7. Sorry to ask that, i know there are tons of powerconsumption-discuss an optimization, and tewaking but i got lost. I just need to know how much Ampere a Nanopi NEO drains on fullload (4Cores), connnected with ethernet, no additional USB Hardware in default (no special h3consumtion). Especially boooting (i think armbian is throtteling on boot right?) is also very interessting. I need to buy a Powersupply which is sufficient for 15 NanoPi Boards in min and max consumption. Got very confused in reading the threads... But it seems 5V/2A is just a "be save in every situation" thing, and i t
  8. Thank you zador.blood.stained and TKaiser! @TKaiser, does the M3 Distanceplaceholder on your NanoPI NEO Clusterpics (Sunxi-Wiki) may do any shortage? Are M3 Distanceplaceholders save to use in any cases? Theoretiker
  9. Hi Christos, i am in the same crazy situation... first tests... maybe i can help you with some info... and we get this solved together... 1. I think you should update and upgrade the available distro. ( 2. Then you should just install the actual kernel which is simply availabe via apt-get install. ( But after rebooting my NanoPI Neo doesn't answer anymore on SSH Terminal... So i miss something too... I don't think that there is a really actual readymade image actually s