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  1. Can you take a photograph of your wiring?
  2. Can you post a picture of your wiring etc? Usb ports are differential connections which require non-standard wiring to work reliably. You might get lucky using breadboard wiring (DuPont wires) but when it's not working do not assume your wiring is good enough...
  3. Cheap HDMI monitor -1

    Thanks for the info. In the description it states 1024x600... Is that information not correct?
  4. Infrared thermometers need to be setup correctly for the material they need to measure. (Emissivity setting in the thermometer..) See http://www.thermoworks.com/learning/emissivity_table for some real life numbers. Another issue is that they are not measuring a spot, but they are measuring in a cone. Therefore if you are too far away from the surface, then the measurement might be completely wrong since it is not just measuring the point (the laser dot) but also the surrounding area.. The best way to measure temperatures of surfaces is just to use a contact thermometer (thermocouple or PT100 probe)..
  5. The "weird" moves are because the pulse to the servo has a lot of jitter. It is very hard to do time critical processes like servo pulses in Linux.
  6. I used to be a moderator on a big, >30000 members of which about 1500 active, satellite reception related forum in the Netherlands and we found out back then that it did work. Another modification we made was showing a reminder above the text box where the new topic was started... If the tag is just the SBC, and all SBC tags have the same color, the christmas tree might not be so bad... Another suggestion; Would it be possible to create per forum a FAQ sticky post, where a lot of the current stickies are mentioned in...? So reduce the number of sticky posts.. On the support side it might be good to only support the last 2/3 releases of Armbian, and if somebody asks anything about an older release then they just get the advice to update to be able to get support... Just a few random thoughts..
  7. Would it be an option to introduce mandatory tags for the subjects? I am thinking of creating a tag for each SBC which is allowed in the forum section, and possibly a "General" tag for issues with all SBCs... This would maybe force the topic starter to think about the location of the post; if the tag is not available you are in the wrong section. On top of that it would make it a lot easier to filter / search the forum...
  8. OrangePi Zero high temperature?

    Sounds like you're shorting out pins. I had a quick look at the product page and it looks like the 26 pin header is "converted" into 20 pins. So most likely a number of the pins of the 26 pin header are connected together. Put the pinot of the RPI header next to the OPI header to see which shorts you are creating.. ..
  9. NanoPi NEO - notable packet loss

    Did you try with a different Ethernet cable?
  10. request for Banana Pi M64

    Because your DNS settings are not good... It cannot resolve github.com...
  11. research SD card performance

    Try: https://www.sandisk.com/home/memory-cards/microsd-cards/ultra-microsd Don't know where you can buy them in your country though..
  12. FlightAware ADSB Piaware Install

    I just installed Armbian and then I used the got sources to get everything compiled and installed. It will take some time to complete. The images are for raspberry pi boards so they will not work.
  13. FlightAware ADSB Piaware Install

    I have the ads-b receiver project running on oranges without issues.. https://github.com/jprochazka/adsb-receiver/releases/tag/v2.5.0 Use the instructions on this page to install: https://github.com/jprochazka/adsb-receiver/wiki/Quick-Install
  14. H3 I2C speed

    Connect a 2k2 (2200 ohm) resistor between the 3.3V connection and the SDA pin, and another one between the 3.3V and SCL pin. Yes, they are required.
  15. H3 I2C speed

    Do you have a pull up on the SDA and SCL line?