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  1. Found out, that the reasons of board freezes was onboard WiFi, when I connect a notebook to it and start to work in network - R1 freezes after some time. Disabled hostapd-rt until solution.
  2. Hello! I am tired of system freezing once in 1-2 days, and think the reason is heating (Board 49 degrees right now) so I decided to revert system back to SD and not use HDD at all, making system more stable by power and temperature. Please help me to do it - is there any revert script that I can run to move all data from HDD back to SD?
  3. Testing it, looks great, if it could be expanded with more monitoring featires - would be great! Number of active DHCP leases with mac-list, proxy-server log, network speed load and active router ports - this is very useful info! But even now this service is great addition, thank you for your efforts!
  4. Hello, Tido! In my scenario R1 was also inside local network, but the issue is not about it. DHCP clients of R1 got their configuration from dhcpd.conf. In your manual DHCP server was configure to provide only IP and Subnet, so gateway option on clients remained empty and they dont get access to Internet. In your config DHCP-clients are behind R1 NAT and br0 address acts as NAT router. My correction to dhcpd.conf resolved the issue on my setup. Also I want to thank you for great manual! P.S. Also it is good idea to add a line to dhcpd.conf with option domain-name-servers; to provide DNS config to DHCP clients as well.
  5. tkaiserI am solved this issue and made correction to manual - it was about 1 line in DHCP config - router was not defined (in manual it is petrmajeRouter part is the only one purpose I plan to use this board. There also will be asterisk PBX, IPSEC tunneling, squid proxy and webserver
  6. tkaiserThank you! Great manual, only one thing is missing - DHCP clients on LAN and WLAN interfaces have no routing to internet, trying to find out where is the problem.
  7. Hello, just installed R1 image, solved power issues as described on this forum and now trying to configure it as classic home router. So I got a problem configuring DHCP server - system works in interfaces.r1 mode that means lan and wlan are bridged to wan. Wlan and Lan interfaces configured as manual that is not very handy, so I need to install DHCP server and make some NAT. And here goes a problem - I am not very skilled in linux networking and cant figure out how to combine NAT and R1 interfaces to get classical router behavior (externalDHCP-WAN-NAT192.168.0.1-internal DHCP-LAN and WLAN DHCP clients). Can someone give me directions? Maybe there is a way to install something like OpenWRT web-server where you can operate router's functions?
  8. Did all the way and finally got debian working thanks to community and Igor in person. I will post complete instructions later that day. Hope one day video chip acceleration will be supported and we will get a chance to use GUI Linux without issues. P.S. Out of SD-cards right now, sorry, will post manual later
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