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    Narkozzz reacted to Igor in Revert from SATA to SD on R1   
    No, there is no script for that ... if you already set the system than do a rysnc copy from current root which is on /dev/sda1 to /dev/mmcblk01 ... this will take some time.
    Than edit boot scripts /boot/boot.cmd and change root to /dev/mmcblk0p1
    And do a backup of your data before starting this.
    If your modifications are minor, rather start over.
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    Narkozzz reacted to tkaiser in Testers wanted: sunxi adjustments for RPi-Monitor   
    RPi-Monitor can be extended nearly unlimited since version 1.2 or 1.3 regarding custom data sources and various output types and starting with 2.10 also to customize the web pages extensively and include every stuff you like.
    The focus of my additions was simply to address the different data sources on sunxi devices regarding thermal things and power consumption (and some sort of a daemon to collect data since in my test setups -- torturing the devices under full load -- RPi-Monitor often failed to collect some stuff due to timeouts: ie querying a disk for its internal temperature under full load --> takes often more than a second to respond and in the meantime RPi-Monitor already gave up).
    If you want add the stuff you mentioned you can start directly. Just become familiar with RRD data collection types (GAUGE vs. COUNTER vs. DERIVE and so on) and how you apply regex to filter raw data and you're done. There are plenty of examples available on the web and you get many ideas by reading the full post including comments/links here: http://rpi-experiences.blogspot.fr/2013/06/rpi-monitor-version-20-advance-usage.html
    But since it sounds you like to monitor a router I would suggest checking better options first (eg. fully blown monitoring solutions that know alerts and triggers like OpenNMS or OMD -- prebuilt for ARMv7)
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    Narkozzz reacted to Tido in R1 AP-router setup   
    Concerning the setup, on page 5 I wrote: connect the single WAN port to your current Router.
    So the router is in this scenario not directly connected to the cablemodem /DSL.
    If I think now, my comments in 'interfaces' lead to this assumption for eth0.101
    I will have to review that and think /test changes.
    Thank you
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    Narkozzz reacted to tkaiser in R1 AP-router setup   
    The only OpenWRT image recommended can be found here: http://www.bananapi.com/index.php/forum/general/1157-openwrt-chaos-calmer-3rd-test-version-gigabit-and-temp-sensors-10-08-15?limitstart=0
    If you still want to go the Armbian route (recommended if you want to learn to improve your skills) then start with Tido's tutorial.
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    Narkozzz reacted to db260179 in R1 AP-router setup   
    I've updated the image. Feedback is welcome. Can someone post their kernel log.
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    Narkozzz got a reaction from Igor in FYI: Armbian running on A31s based Banana Pi M2   
    Did all the way and finally got debian working thanks to community and Igor in person. I will post complete instructions later that day. Hope one day video chip acceleration will be supported and we will get a chance to use GUI Linux without issues.
    P.S. Out of SD-cards right now, sorry, will post manual later
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