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  1. Hi, I want install ISPConfig of the last OS Buster of a Cubietruck 3. The install stop before the end. I've test on 4 different 64Go SD and it's the same problem. Thanks
  2. Hi, I try to change the language of the last OS Buster of a Cubietruck 3 in FR. The language is always in US. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I use a cubieboard3 as a web server. For several months, joomla tells me that I am PHP 7.0.33-0 + deb9u7et that I need to update my version of php to 7.3 or later. In the updates of the bone, I never see these updates of PHP, must it be done manually and how? I am in Debian Stretch with Armbian Linux 4.19.62-sunxi. Thank you François
  4. Hi, I have installaled a web server with "armbian-config" 3 Partie software on a Cubietruck3. All ISPConfig is installed and it's up to date. Now, I want to create a database with phpmyadmin as root without going through ISPConfig. I can not connect with phpmyadmin as root. Do you know the password created when installing ISPConfig. I looked for it in the ISP-config installation scipts but I did not find anything Thanks François
  5. Hi, I use a Cubietruck 3 and the last Debian "Armbian_5.25_Cubietruck_Debian_jessie_default_3.4.113". 1° When i'm sart for the first time, It's impossible to reboot or halt the cubietruck. The led Green and blue flashes always. I must I have to remove the power connector for a reboot 2° Idem whem i have make an update and a upgrade 3° When creating the account at setup, I want to use "ac-news". The created account is actually "acnews" without the "-". Before posting, I tried several times the installation by writing a new image on the SD. I always have the same worries Thanks François A track: if I make a first installation with an Armbian_5.20_Cubietruck_Debian_jessie_3.4.112 then "Update" and "upgrade". I find myself in the last version and the command halt and reboot works correctly
  6. You need to de-compile with: bin2fex script.bin script.fex You can edit the .fex file. Check this guide: When you done. fex2bin script.fex script.bin Reboot. Igor, I use the last "Armbian_4.5_Cubietruck_Debian_jessie_3.4.109" and i find'nt the fex2bin now. Thanks François
  7. Hello, My virtualhost is good because with the weeblink, it's good. It's not good when i'n in interne, at my home in my reseau with an adress 192.168.0.xx. I think, i must add a link ip in the host file of windows. I try that François
  8. Hello, I used the Wheesy version for my web server with virtual host that worked. The site is in / var / www / bbp / public_html / Now , I use the Jessy version with the same structure , Apache does appear to me that the page "default". I have no error when validating the virtualhost , I raise apache well and nothing is displayed for the site " bbp / public_html / " I do not understand what can no longer function . Thanks François
  9. Hello, I'm newbie with linux and the Cubietruck. What is the difference between the version Wheesy, Jessy and Trusty ? Thanks François
  10. HI Igor, I have resolve my problem with your last post. It's ok with an image 3.4.107. I want too test the image 4.05, at first time, with the the SD. I have not a startup, not led and not connection with putty. This image start not on the same schema of the 3.4 ? Thanks François
  11. Hi Igor, I have another problem. I have applied your script for the bug and start again the script to install to nand. I go to the end but when the script halt the cubie, i remove the sd and start it again, the cubie doesn't start without the SD. I have make screen copy of the setps. I have make 3 times the script nand install and it's same result at each. Thanks François
  12. hI, I have find for the led blinking. It's good for me. Thanks. For the reboot without the SD after an ./nand-sata-install It's not good. The cubie start not. In this operation, i have two choice (see install 1.png). - If I select the /dev/nand2, it say me than the nand is not partitioned (see install 2.png). It's make nothink - If I delect the /dev/sda1 (my DD), it's start to format et copying the files. At the end, a window say me to press ok for reboot. I have the SD in the cubie. The cubie reboot, I halt it, I remove the sd and start the cubie . There is nothing going on especially since I activated the flashing LED to check the boot. I missed a step ? If it is necessary to partition the nand , coment do? If I can start without the SD and work with DD , I will be fully operational for the future. It's just this step that blocks me . Thanks very much François
  13. Ok, Thanks The not good the editing led section. Because at the first startup of the Cubietruk the green led blink, I suppose than edit the other line for led 1 to 3 to "leds_default_3 = 1" Luckily I copied my sd in another sd before starting installtion because I will not start without the SD currently. I have already installed all my web server and the site. I will restart the procedure a second time and then try to restart without SD Thanks
  14. Hi, Too, if i reconfigure the locales (dpkg-reconfigure locales) in fr_FR.UTF8 UTF8 is not good. I'm not in graphic mode, just in server mode (web server) Thanks too
  15. Hi, First I have use the image with kernel 3.4.107 wheesy. I have applied the Sata NAND install to a 1To DD. Its possible to start the CubieTruk now with not SD ? How make it ? Second : I want enable the leds blinkink but the /boot/script.bin is not a script. I can't modifie anythink. Thanks François