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  1. we coworker with RealTek ,if not RealTek support ,we can not begin this project ,and we get all code ,and we now work on kernel 4.9,but need some time to development at linux. when we redy ,will release it.
  2. BPI-7402 IEEE 802.3at PoE module for BPI-R64
  3. bpi-m2 zero android image:
  4. how to use BPI-Zero 10/100 Ethernet:
  5. BPI-R2 new image : ubuntu 16.04 V1.2.1 BT and WIFI AP mode are working fine 2017-11-27
  6. we have test image ,it can run success image download link: video: boot log: 2017-11-10-Armbian log.txt
  7. let me think about it , it mean we need do CE,FCC test,again . and many user have use BPI-M2+ inside they are product . mean we need do double inventory
  8. you can check BPI-M2+ ,also can use H2+ chip on BPI-M2+, have support eMMC onboard.
  9. MIKEY have update it.
  10. now , 8GB eMMC ,also about 6.5 USD . DRAM , and eMMC , this year ,prices are rising too fast.
  11. Ok, I will arrange the person to spend more time on the document finishing, all the Suggestions are welcome.And I will not respond to any offensive remarks. Any good advice, I will listen, and will correct, I hope to grow with you,We all have our faults, and we all have our own specialties. Hard work doesn't always succeed, it just increases hope about H2, H3, H5 chip design. we just support BPI-M2+ and BPI-Zero module . BPI-M2+ have H3 chip,1G RAM ,wifi ,gMac, 8G eMMC ,various Interfaces. BPI-M2 Zero with 512 RAM ,wifi,less Interfaces for low cost. This is based on inventory management considerations, Because of batch production, at least 10K batch, And all tests, the certification costs are too high. If the customer needs a special specification. We can only offer custom services.
  12. Zero not add eMMC onboard ,just BPI-M2+ can support eMMC ,also support H2+ chip . if we add eMMC onboard ,cost will higher.:0 for allwinner H2+ and H3 chip PIN to PIN compatibility , so BPI-M2+ Zero also can use H3 chip onboard
  13. about WOC , BPI-M2 Zero`s CPUX-SET is PL1, and orange pi ,Nano Pi use PL6. just GPIO PIN define not same.
  14. orange pi is a perfect product ??, not any defect ??? they have complete product information service??? and write all right doucments??? Why didn't you attack them???, why ,why .............What makes you lose basic justice??? And then you understand why I ignore you. You even send email to our customers to let our customers choose orange PI.
  15. we have public schematic :
  16. this is Network interface PIN define , you can contact RJ45 port.
  17. I'm sorry, I just can't stand the continuous attacks from tkaiser in recent years. I will continue my work and try to make everything better. I've always had a lot of respect and admiration for the work that the armbian community has done, and they're a group of great people.I also want to have a better cooperation.
  18. you don't work for SinoVoip,but your actions justify your working for someone else.
  19. we test H2+, H3, H5 chip on this design , for Allwinner H2+,H3,H5 chip is PIN to PIN compatibility. this design can support 3 type chip onboard.
  20. BPI-M2 Zero schematic: BPI-M2 zero DXF file:
  21. Image --------------------------- New test images(kernel and root.squashfs) are available: How to program both uImage and root file system ---------------------------- 1. Copy both uImagelede and root.squashfs to tftp server 2. Run below command to program uImagelede > tftp 84000000 uImagelede > mmc dev 0 > mmc write 84000000 1000 6000 3. Run below command to program root.squashfs to EMMC: > tftp 84000000 root.squashfs > mmc dev 0 > mmc write 84000000 20A00 6000 4. Run command: boot 5. Configure an available IP address and then run below commands when entering OS > opkg update > opkg install luci-theme-bootstrap > opkg install luci-mod-admin-full 6. Connect R2 board via web
  22. I've test the AP mode, find it works fine, please follow my steps to enable it. Firstly please install Ubuntu 16.04 image, and then: 1,Remove pkg wpasupplicant(apt-get remove wpa_supplicant) if you're using Ubuntu 16.04 image 2,Comment out echo 1 > ${{WIFI_DEV} in /etc/init.d/wifi_enable if you're using Ubuntu 16.04 image 3,Reboot 4,Run command "echo A >/dev/wmtWifi" 5,Run comand : hostapd -dd -C /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf Below is an example of hostapd.conf: hw_mode=g interface=ap0 driver=nl80211 channel=1 auth_algs=1 ssid=test Also the patch @BitMaster provided is delivered to github. Thanks a lot, BitMaster.
  23. as igor said ,armbian not support BPI-R2, we now development LEDE on BPI-R2, Use kernel 4.9 . and support H-NAT now.
  24. no problem , can you give me a list ?? we will send out it