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  1. we now main working on Linux 4.4, this is our development in progress , now about issue for kernel 4.4 have support : support HDMI support GMAC * 5 (2 real GE ports, 1 is WAN port, another is connected to 4 LAN ports) support SATA * 2 support eMMC (support boot from eMMC) support IR support OTG support PWM (PWM1/PWM2/PWM3, PWM4 and PWM5 are not supported) support USB 3.0 * 2 support mPCIe issue: 1:wifi driver for MTK6625L 2:VPU&GPU 3:MIPI driver update : launcher have running success on linux 4.4 kernel ,maybe wifi will ready soon ,it is a hard work i will let gary add this group ,and he will maybe answer more .
  2. please note below: 1, you look at all your statements, whether it's for any banana a product, how terrible it is, and why we should pay attention to someone who makes me feel sick. 2. Look at all the statements you made on armbian BBS, and everyone thinks you are the face of armbian.I even think of you are one of orange PI member .You're out of your normal moral compass.You may never learn to respect others. 3,note ,you are not a god for arm community. PS: i want to know , why you always attack us , what can you get or what are you want to get .
  3. 1. I respect all the work done by armbian, and they do a lot of work, especially igor. I respect anyone who does anything for the open source community, and all work should be respected.I also want to work closely with armbian at Open source development, but the way must be correct. 2. All of TK's comments, I don't know where I have offended him, and you can see that his comments are full of malice and disgust, so most of them, I can only choose to ignore them.A product, especially an open source product, can't be perfected all at once, and if you try to find a reason to attack, there will be countless ways to attack, but it won't improve anything.We need all of us to do what we can to support ourselves, even if it's a little bit of a word of affirmation.Sometimes, standing and watching, not talking, is also a support. 3. I have been working on LINUX product software and hardware development for 17 years and have learned how to cooperate with the chip original factory.What I do now is try to make the chip plant open source a bit, provide as much information and technology as possible, and slowly promote the development of open source. 4. Regarding R2, I want to really understand the hardware people, understand how much work we have done, and how much effort MTK has made to support this project.That's what's going on.TK can't easily veto everything just because of the subjective judgment of his own knowledge. It's unfair. 5, we must have done many things wrong, which is a process of learning.If this process makes some people uncomfortable, I'm here to say I'm sorry. 6. For TK, he even attacks my English very bad, YES, maybe we can communicate in Chinese, rest assured, here I will not make fun of your poor Chinese.
  4. Banana pi BPI-R2 source code open on github
  5. i also do a module coworker with webduino: you can use it as a webduino IoT module ,also can use it as a arduino WIFI module with ESP8266 About the money, the question is principally to deploy the solution : the IoT are necessarily numerous. The prices and the failures are multiplied by number of nodes ... I can no more imagine battery powered devices where you need to change a battery somewhere every second day !