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  1. Oh, on the same light, I got this message: ERROR: a3700_system_off needs to PANIC at PC : 0x0000000004023268
  2. Greetings! Just flashed my 1000-800, 2 ram chips (for what I reckon, I could provide a picture) 1gb espressobin with the latest image : However, I've no rtc, it seems: I've seen some of these errors being present in the developement efforts thread, however, I don't see any solutions other than using the latest firmware, that as per my knowledge, I do... Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Impressive job! ​Currently testing the router, non ppp versión. I've found several issues so far. I'm trying to replace and aging TPLink with OpenWRT, which receives Internet from an ancient Scientific Atlanta 2100 cablemodem, via Ethernet (so, the cablemodem acts as a router of sorts, with its own DHCP server). When connecting the Cablemodem to the wan port, I got IP, but it seems I can't connect to anything. When connecting my notebook to the Lamobo, I got IP, ping trough, and can do an ssh. However, I can't ping FROM the lamobo to the notebook, albeit I can provide a working DHCP server (with DNSMASQ). Nskookup from the lamobo to the notebook Works just fine. When plugging a patchcord from the TPLink into the Lamobo, and setting a different network in the board (thus using the TPLink as a 'cablemodem' from the lamobo perspective), got a valid ip, can connecto to the net, however, my inability to ping anything connected to br0 from the lamobo remains. Any ideas would be most welcomed, thanks!
  4. Hey there. I ve been using armbian since a couple of years now. Today, out of the blue, I receive a 'user is not in the sudoers file '. I currently I'm using ARMBIAN Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS 4.8.4-sunxi. Obivuously, my user WAS a sudoer, actually, it is the only user. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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