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    I'm back with good news I hope: an update with network configuration on the new 5.25 jessie mainline distribution
    I've been using the 5.24 nightly builds for a while (now I'm back on the 5.25 main builds) and with the help of weisl's comment on git hub:, I've managed some working network configs that everyone can find on this link:
    Add those into '/etc/network' folder and they should work ('interfaces' and 'lamobo-r1' files). I only tested the ppp router configuration since that is all I need but feel free to test the other ones as you please and reply with the needed changes or the confirmation that they work.
    Testing the new b53 dsa driver looks promising until now... I'll hold of the nightly builds for a while to see if the freezes will resurface like they used to and will be back with a feedback
    For those who are curious, the second archive in the dropbox share named w1-therm.tar.gz is a script that I used to patch the dtb so I wouldn't have to go at each upgrade through this process: