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  1. As of today 11:31 AM, my uptime reports: up 20 days, 12:26 Due to the fact that my R1 router is also a web server and every three or four days I had to shut it down to get things working again, I'd say that the new dsa config with the new b53 driver works quite well
  2. Witch distribuiton are you using? I had the same problems when using Ubuntu Xenial Mainline 4.9.7 image ... even if setting in sysctl.conf the forwarding settings. Right now I'm on Debian Jessie Mainline 4.9.7 (upgraded from an older version)
  3. If we did want to stick a AT93C66A in there, like the diagram says... what do you have to program this circuit with? Can we get a code from somewere?
  4. I've noticed that when restarting network service (/etc/init.d/networking restart) the network speed slows down... so by deleting the created vlans and recreating them at network init, everything goes as it should
  5. The script lamobo-r1 has 4 command line switches For the router part, the script vlans are configured: eth0.101 with lan1, lan2, lan3, lan4 and wlan configured through bridge br0; eth0.102 with wan configured through br1 lamobo-r1 routerup lamobo-r1 routerdown As for the switch part, the script has only one vlan: eth0.101 with lan1, lan2, lan3, lan4, wlan and wan configured through bridge br0 lamobo-r1 switchup lamobo-r1 switchdown If you check the interfaces example files you will notice that this lines are included at some point
  6. As of this moment, my uptime is 10 days, 2:30:48... so far so good... not a single freeze till now.
  7. I'm back with good news I hope: an update with network configuration on the new 5.25 jessie mainline distribution I've been using the 5.24 nightly builds for a while (now I'm back on the 5.25 main builds) and with the help of weisl's comment on git hub:, I've managed some working network configs that everyone can find on this link: Add those into '/etc/network' folder and they should work ('interfaces' and 'lamobo-r1' files). I only tested the ppp rout
  8. Any guide on how to use the b53 driver? Found this in an article ( ) bridge vlan add vid 1 dev sw0p1 pvid untagged bridge vlan add vid 1 dev sw0p2 pvid untagged bridge vlan add vid 1 dev sw0p3 pvid untagged bridge vlan add vid 1 dev sw0p4 pvid untagged bridge vlan add vid 1 dev sw0p8 bridge vlan add vid 2 dev sw0p0 pvid untagged bridge vlan add vid 2 dev sw0p8 Does this do the trick to configure the ports as a router? Any other config tricks needed for it to work? I would like to test the new distro... as I understand, this new switch driver could fix th
  9. Sorry about complaining yesterday I too was frustrated since I spent the afternoon trying to make the new armbian 5.23 to work... I know that for armbian to be compatible with all boards takes a lot of work and testing. Since I enjoy tinkering with my board, not beeing able to fix what was happening, took a toll on me... Wasn't fair to you guys So to make this clear, thank you for your hard work. As for donations... fire away with a paypal account or something... I'm sure I'm not the only one that can spare some cash for the cause
  10. Hello I had installed on my lamobo-r1 as of this afternoon, armbian 5.20... I then decided to upgrade to 5.23 and after that networking went haywire... nothing worked anymore "swconfig list" showed nothing as if module for the broadcom switch wasn't loaded After the last buggy updates I'm almost afraid to upgrade anymore... what if anything else breaks in the process Right now I'm back to 5.20 with hold on "linux-dtb-next-sunxi linux-firmware-image-next-sunxi linux-headers-next-sunxi linux-image-next-sunxi linux-jessie-root-next-lamobo-r1 linux-u-boot-lamobo-r1-next" Very bad
  11. OK So here's what I did: - used a 4,7k resistor between data pin and +3,3v pin on the DS18B20. - used the same pin (12) in /boot/bin/lamobo-r1.bin (bin2fex, edit, fex2bin): [w1_para] gpio = 12 - converted the /boot/dtb/sun7i-a20-lamobo-r1.dtb for editing dtc -I dtb -O dts -o sun7i-a20-lamobo-r1.dts sun7i-a20-lamobo-r1.dtb - search for the next section to add the lines below (no need for comments): led_pins@0 { allwinner,pins = "PH24"; allwinner,function = "gpio_out"; allwinner,drive = <0x0>; allwinner,pull = <0x0>; linux,phandle = <0x46>;
  12. Thank you very much ... in this way I can analyze it to see what I must change in the 5.16 armbian's dtb.
  13. Hello I'm trying to use the same DS18B20 with my Lamobo-R1 GPIO pins... I just can't seem to figure it out how to do it by using the guide above. I'm using 5.16 builds since 5.20 doesn't have the swconfig tool integrated ... I tried to use pin 7 form con3 as it is the default so called gpio = 4 (w1_para) and also tried pins 12, 16 and 18... can't seem to find anything... Modifying the dts for lamobo r1 isn't the same as above.... (I would like to understand what I'm supposed to modify) Thank you in advance
  14. Hello all you happy people ... I'm back with an update First here's a photo I took tonight when I cleaned the dust out Also as of tonight my uptime was 25 days, 37 min There is an issue with HDMI though... When I leave the HDMI connected (even if I'm watching or not), after a while (3-4days) the system freezes. Also if the HDMI isn't connected at startup, there is no signal on screen when I connect the HDMI after the bootup... Anyone knows what's going on with that?