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  1. This board isn't being sold anymore is it?. I couldn't find it on their page anymore. I own to and can't seem to get them to talk with my Arduino board
  2. No I don't have a build box going i'm just using this image. Armbian_5.34_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_server_20171104.img. Do you have a newer image available to work with?
  3. Hey I don't follow Armbian threads much as once my boards are up I tend to leave them. Does the user still need help getting the latest S905XX build to load? I've been running it for a few days. Please let me know so I can give you an updated patch. I'd love to see armbian images for this device tho.
  4. Rez0n you still need help with that Libreelec image?
  5. Yeah i'm noticing that as well, not finding the lirc at all so we are missing something that should be loaded lol.
  6. Well I attempted the LibreElec image to attempt to get lirc working so I can test out my remote they sent me. Seems that we can run any image Odroid c2 has as long as we swap the .dtb and the uboot with the modified one's in my video!. So this is great news for us. This little board is even able to stream 4k over my samba( i know ). Update: I realized that I flashed an existing image and not a C2 image, so Nope can't just swap the files to run a C2 image. Sorry guys.
  7. Ok so I was playing around with the dtb files today to test others in the search for a working heartbeat led. This is what i've found. meson64_odroidc2.dtb Can load up with working HDMI and heartbeat.. But has a recurring error [ 78.598264] i2c i2c-1: [aml_i2c_xfer] error ret = -5 (-EIO) [ 78.602108] i2c i2c-1: token 1, master_no(1) 300K addr 0x51 [ 78.607810] rtc-pcf8563 1-0051: pcf8563_get_datetime: read error [ 80.441991] i2c i2c-1: [aml_i2c_xfer] error ret = -5 (-EIO) [ 80.445828] i2c i2c-1: token 2, master_no(1) 300K addr 0x51 [ 80.451523] rtc-pcf8563 1-0051: pcf8563_set_datetime: err=-11 addr=03, data=31 [ 80.597084] i2c i2c-1: [aml_i2c_xfer] error ret = -5 (-EIO) [ 80.600936] i2c i2c-1: token 1, master_no(1) 300K addr 0x51 [ 80.606637] rtc-pcf8563 1-0051: pcf8563_get_datetime: read error So if someone has ideas or a guide that is better for converting the dtb>dts>dtb That would be great and we might be able to get everything working as intended.
  8. Thanks, I was looking at that file but needed to crash for the night. I'll update the video and file links later.
  9. Problem found! Ram is only showing as 810MB. I thought this board was a 2gb board. Ideas? I'm assuming it's in that dtb file.
  10. Yeah i edited the script for users that where doing it on their main machine is all. Glad it worked for you.
  11. Ok thanks for all of the help here guys, I'm glad to share what we have managed to get loading and let others do this until armbian is fully supported on the Nanopi-k2. Check out the video and downloads are in the discription. https://youtu.be/HZ9Cw6mcyps
  12. Ok guys, I've put together a video guide and files needed for this. Ubuntu images load as well! Video is encoding right now and will be up soon.
  13. @balbes150 Ok i've got Android (sdcard) running with the new uBoot, Flashed Armbian to a USB and copied the same .dtb from the dtb folder to the boot directory on the USB and when I plug it into the board it still boots to android, anything else to test?
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