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    atharmian reacted to atharmian in Orange Pi Zero went to the market   
    I read the wiki on PoE:

    Under the sub topic: Non Standard Implementations-Passive it talks about PoE injectors, but there is no mention of PoE switches.
    1. Does this mean we cannot use PoE switches as PSE's with Passive PoE which looks cheaper for OPi0 as PD ( just a zero ohm resistor between pads) ?
    2. For example, could we connect 4 OPi0 PDs ( say, acting as USB webcam modules) to a 4 port PoE switch via cat5 cable to stream video, then connect the WAN port to another device receiving these streams?
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    atharmian reacted to atharmian in Orange Pi Zero went to the market   
    Nice work. Now do you know if Bluetooth x.x can be supported?
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    atharmian reacted to tkaiser in Orange Pi Zero went to the market   
    Jernej looked into the Android image already:
    I would assume H2+ is just a cost-down version of H3 (less features eg. no Gigabit Ethernet MAC) so everything should work that's working with H3 now after minor tweaks. I would believe all we've to do in Armbian is adding Wi-Fi driver+firmware and adjusting few settings (TV Out instead of HDMI for example).
    Since the board has FCC and CE certifications, is cheap as hell, can both be powered through Micro USB and PoE (and pin headers), has both Wi-Fi and Ethernet and exposes a few useful connectors on the populated 13-pin header I would assume that we soon see even products based on this small board.
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    atharmian reacted to atharmian in Can H3 or H5 support multiple ( different) TVout and HDMI outputs?   
    Thanks tkaiser Really appreciate your good work and If it's.
    My question was about more than one HDMI and TVout such simultaneous, different outs are possible as long as there are enough pin config?