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  1. I did a little work last night and might be able to narrow my questions. I can't figure out how to see what ports are open. According to the MediaTomb FAQ, port 1900 needs to be open. How can I open port 1900?
  2. I did as RagnerBG said and kept it simple. I removed the lines that you don't have in your example. I rebooted my machine and now the windows 10 machine can access the samba share. Thanks!!!
  3. The final leg of my server is being a media server for my PS3. I'm using MediaTomb as the server application. When I first got my server online and installed MediaTomb, I could see it on my PS3 as a media server option. Also, I could enter into the Website interface by accessing the IP address and the proper port number. However, since I changed to a static IP and worked to get my Samba share working, I somehow broke my MediaTomb connection. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. I haven't tried to use the browser because I disconnected the keyboard, mouse and monitor but I am now able to updgrade! I commented the source line now I can run "sudo apt-get upgrade" and I am now up to date. I was not able to do this before commenting the line. Thanks for the help!! On to troubleshooting my other issues.
  5. I came into another possible hiccup. I successfully mapped my new samba share on two different win7 machines but when I went to map it to a win10 machine, it said that I don't have permissions and I need to close all other connections. At the time I was transferring files from my old win7 server to this one but I thought that I should still be able to at least map it and even access the files. Any ideas?
  6. I will definitely try commenting out the "source..." line. Otherwise I am puzzled. Over the weekend I checked my current "server" that is just a win7 PC sitting in the corner of my office and running "ipconfig". It has the same gateway and netmask as I have setup in my Orange PI PC setup. I wasn't sure if there was a possibility that those could be different between a wireless and wired connection. Apparently in my situation, they are not.
  7. It is the IP of my router. If i run ipconfig on a Windows machine, that is the gateway that it uses and I am able to log into the router to change settings. When I logged into my router, I found that it listed two DNS servers, a primary and secondary. I added both of those to interfaces file and it still doesn't work. I was able to ping and when I stopped the pinging, it said there was no loss in over 30 pings. Does that mean that it was able to access it? Finally, does it cause issues if I put in more than two DNS server IPs? I just did some looking and everything I saw just talked about a primary and a secondary. I suppose you shouldn't need more than two if they were working.
  8. I got to modify my smb.conf file last night. I removed the security and map to guest settings. I also noticed in RagnerBG's example that the folder name had to be in the path and the brackets above the stanza (i think that is the proper term). So I modified that as well. I now have access from a Windows machine and am starting to move files from my old Windows 7 machine serving files to my OrangePI PC server!! Thanks for the help! Here is my modified section: [global] netbios name = opiserver server string = My Samba Share %v [OPants] comment = Orange Pi PC Server Share path = /media/mickey/OPants browseable = yes writeable = yes read only = no guest ok = yes
  9. So I tried my hand at taking some of your advise and combining with other information I found out on the web. I modified my fstab file to auto mount my HDD by UUID to /media/user/share Getting it to mount in the designated folder works but when I try to mount it on a Windows machine, it still says that I don't have permission to access the folder. Here is my smb.conf file. I'm sorry that it is so long but I started with the sample configuration file and I know that at the very beginning, I changed some of the settings and they might be causing me the problems. After looking at this, I probably have issues with that "security" setting. I thought that having "guest ok" set that it doesn't matter. Thanks!
  10. Ok. After fouling up my eth0 settings, I think I'm back on the network. I was able to see my network share on another computer on the network but still not access it. I added the dns-nameservers and but no luck with updating or loading web pages. Here is my interfaces file: source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* # The loopback network interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback # The primary network interface auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway dns-nameservers dns-nameservers # Wireless adapter #1 # Armbian ships with network-manager installed by default. To save you time # and hassles consider using 'sudo nmtui' instead of configuring Wi-Fi settings # manually. The below lines are only meant as an example how configuration could # be done in an anachronistic way: # #allow-hotplug wlan0 #iface wlan0 inet dhcp #address #netmask #gateway #dns-nameservers # wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf # Disable power saving on compatible chipsets (prevents SSH/connection dropouts over WiFi) #wireless-mode Managed #wireless-power off Are there different dns-nameservers that I could try or am I missing something? Thanks!
  11. I'm still a little confused on the dns-nameserver concept. This is a home application and the network is pretty simple. I currently have a single wireless router that this OrangePI PC is connected to through Ethernet. Pretty much everything else is connected through wifi. Would I still require a dns-nameserver setting? I don't currently have an entry for that, could that be my problem?
  12. Thanks for the replies. I am currently set up to allow guests with my current smb.conf file. I will try to mount my HDD to my home folder, hopefully tonight, and modify my conf file to reflect that. Thanks again!
  13. I have a Orange PI PC that I"m setting up as my file server with samba. I am using a hard drive with a SATA to USB adapter for my storage device. I've read and tried many HOW-TOs and none of them seem to get it working properly. Even though, they all say it is easy and it looks easy. I am able to see the shared folder over the network but Windows says that I don't have permissions to access it. One idea that I've had is that I'm not accessing the share folder through the config file. However I'm not sure how to properly access my HDD. Right now I am using the path that you would get from opening the disk on the desktop. Something like "\media\user\share" Any ideas on first steps or fixes? Thanks!
  14. I've been trying to setup my Orange PI PC to be my file/media server. I used a "HOW-TO" on setting up a static IP address. It seems like it is working for me except I can't seem to connect to the outside world. In the process of setting up my samba server, I have found that I have no internet connection because I can't run "apt-get update" and if I open a browser I can't reach any web-page. Does anyone have a first step or idea to get me setup correctly? Samba post to come in separate thread.
  15. I have an Orange Pi PC with the Allwinner H3 processor running the latest 5.20 version of Armbian. I am unable to successfully connect to a Wireless access point because as soon as the status of connection is "Obtaining IP address" the Orange Pi PC crashes and reboots. I have tried this with both a reputable Edimax wifi dongle and a cheapy wifi dongle with the same results. I can have them plugged in and the OPi and it will run fine but as soon as I try to connect to a wireless network, it crashes. I have the OPi PC connected to a variable power supply capable of 3A and it isn't getting anywhere near that. So my 5V isn't a problem. I have updated and upgraded many times. I have installed the armbian-firmware-full but it didn't help. Any ideas?
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