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  1. I may have missed it, but do the Orange Pi 4 USB3 ports share bandwidth behind an internal hub? Or are they completely separate, similar to previous Orange Pi boards? In other words, the Orange Pi 4 has a pair of USB3 ports. Are those two ports independent and can both independently run up to the 5Gbps (real world maybe 3Gbps) theoretical speed?
  2. In your test, did you just simply build a btrfs fs like : mkfs.btrfs -m single /dev/md127 -d single /dev/md127 ?
  3. Understood. I mistook the metadata for parity. Thanks for clarifying. The RAID10f2 is an interesting concept. In my use case, read operations far outnumbers write operations, so it may be the fault tolerant yet speedy option I didn't know existed
  4. @tkaiser Assume I have a pair of 2TB drives. In typical software mdadm RAID0 config, loss of one drive is total loss of the array. If using btrfs with metadata in RAID1 and data in RAID0, is loss of one drive total loss of the array? Or after adding a new (third) 2TB drive, can the metadata remaining on the healthy drive rebuild the array on the new drive before failing out the failed drive?
  5. Both my 512MB and 256MB units are barely warm to the touch after hours of use at 24C ambient. What kind of power supply are you using?
  6. Why are you using the Nano Pi Air image on a OPi Zero instead of the OPi Zero specific image?
  7. Sounds strange. I downloaded the Armbian_5.24_Orangepizero_Debian_jessie_3.4.113.7z image straight from the armbian site. Double checked the sha256sum. I used WinDiskImager32 to write the image to a Transcend Premium 400x 16GB UHS-1 microSD card. Put it in my OPi0 (I have both a 256MB and a 512MB version, and the same thing worked for each), plugged in Ethernet, plugged in a 2A microusb power supply, checked my router DHCP list for the IP, and ssh connected to that IP immediately with root:1234. I had no issues on either of my OPi Zeros.
  8. @rgb Last night I did a fresh install of Armbian 5.20 for Orange Pi PC using the image off the main site, Armbian_5.20_Orangepipc_Debian_jessie_3.4.112.7z. I followed the same steps in my post above, except I did not insert my USB wifi dongle until after the updated 8192CU driver was installed. Ultimately the wifi network connection is working. First I apt-get upgraded to 5.23, apt-get install armbian-firmware-full and network-manager, and rebooted. Then I installed the updated RTL8192CU driver using the instructions listed below. I powered off the OPi PC, inserted the USB dongle, u
  9. I'm seeing the same thing as the OP on my OPi PC with a cheap Realtek 8188CUS wifi adapater. Something seems to go wonky with the drivers and firmware after apt-get upgrade from 5.20 to 5.23. After a clean install of 5.20 image (let it reboot for swap, fs resize, etc), plugged in Ethernet, apt-get update, apt-get upgrade to 5.23, reboot. First, dmesg complains about missing firmware. apt-get install armbian-firmware-full corrected that problem. Reboot. Use of nmtui results in stack trace, panic, and reboot. When I get home I'll post system data (dmesg, syslog, ifconfig, etc).
  10. Feels like a crap shoot. I ordered a 512MB OPi Zero and OPI PC+case+powersupply on the 4th of November, it arrived in the US on the 13th, and still in transit to my location. I ordered a 256MB OPi Zero on the 2nd of November, and tracking information says it has not yet left China as of the 12th.
  11. Can anyone comment on the range of an OPi Lite with the onboard wireless in Access Point mode? Some of the small external-antenna-less RTL8188CUS chipset USB WiFi adapaters only have a 10-20 meter range for acceptable speeds. Since the OPi Lite has the physical external antenna, has anyone done any tests on throughput at various distances on the Lite (barring excessive interferenence or excessive number of obstacles)?
  12. Does the OPi Zero onboard wifi support AP mode? Hit us with the output of 'iw list' please!
  13. That's impressive. That will make this board more battery pack friendly for remote applications. Thanks for the initial numbers.