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  1. Wow, funny thing is, that's the same switch I have! I dont seem to have the option for auto100. I only have "auto" and "auto10" also 10HDx, 100HDx, 10FDx, and 100FDx. As for the ABS-D tracker I followed these two guides: https://primalcortex.wordpress.com/2016/05/13/orange-pi-pc-armbian-and-sdr/ and https://www.hackster.io/BuddyC/c-h-i-p-radar-0da2d1
  2. Another strange thing is; using speedtest-cli I get really slow downloads (~0.33 Mbit/s) but my uploads are as expected (2-3 Mbit/s). Could that be a crappy SD card even if its "saving" the file to /dev/null ?
  3. Well the only way that has worked so far is to create a script in init.d #!/bin/sh ETHTOOL="/sbin/ethtool" DEV="eth0" SPEED="100 duplex full" AUTONEG="off" case "$1" in start) echo -n "Setting eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off..."; $ETHTOOL -s $DEV speed $SPEED autoneg $AUTONEG; echo " done.";; stop) ;; esac exit 0 Is there a better way to do it? I tried adding the command with pre-up or post-up to /etc/network/interfaces but that didn't work at all. Thanks for all the help this far!
  4. Thanks pzw, that worked. Now how to make this persistant and make sure it will always work? Also, what does this tell us that was wrong?
  5. I have tried 5 different cables, and all of them work with my laptop but not with the orangepi UNLESS there is an additional switch added between. Maybe it has something to do with my router but every other device works as it should.
  6. I thought it might be that at first, but it does the same thing if I use a 5" cable. I have only ever used my orangepi in my shop and at first I had the 2 ethernet ports on my shop computer bridged so I could plug it into that to get internet, but then I wanted to go on vacation and wanted to turn off my computer but leave the orangepi running so I put a cheap switch there instead. Now that Im trying to run it directly from the main switch on my LAN it work connect. Every other device on my lan connects fine through this switch and I've tried different cables and different ports.
  7. Well a little info, I've been using my orangepi one with an SDR dongle to track airplanes with flightradar24 for the last few months. My intentions were to use a POE adapter and run the board outside near the antenna at one point. I have now received the final parts and went to move it today. It has been running flawlessly for a month with my POE adapter off of a switch near my PC in my shop. I now plan on connecting it to the main switch on my LAN. So previously my setup was: Router -> switch -> long ethernet to shop -> swtich -> orangepione now I want to run it: Router ->