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  1. The nightly releases for the sun8i boards still say kernel version 4.9.4 while the download says 4.10. Haven't checked all of the boards, but at least these are wrong: Orangepi PC Orangepi Zero
  2. And I like to know what governor you're using, since that has some influence as well.
  3. The patch is applied and should ne in the latest nightly.
  4. I think I can explain the reason why this happend. It's because during shutdown the cpu core voltage stays at the last setting before the driver was unloaded. The same reason why the u-boot failed at a reboot, the core voltage was to low when to run stable at the bootfrequency. In your case the voltage was high reaching thermal shutdown before the regulatordriver was loaded. The patch that enabled the regulatordriver in uboot should have fixed the thermal overheat at boot.
  5. The highest frequency I was able to test and get a valid result was 1368MHz at 1400 mV. It ran a little over 95C.
  6. I've sent a patch to enable the SY8106A driver in SPL.
  7. I'm currently looking into it. Edit: There is a driver for SY8106A in mainline, so it should be simple.
  8. Yup, I have a reproducable error when rebooting. If I lower the frequency and with that the core voltage it hangs on trying to boot MMC1. Either we need to increase the voltage when rebooting or add a driver to SPL that sets the correct voltage.
  9. Created a small tool that checks the stability of a range of frequencies using HPL. Simple clone the git and install libmpich-dev and you're good to go. https://github.com/ehoutsma/StabilityTester If you want to increase the load you can alter the HPL.dat and set the Ns to 10960, which is the maximum size you can run on a 1G device before swapping kicks in. Edit: Don't be scared of high temperatures! High temperatures are good!
  10. The regulator should be lowered to 940000 indeed, but the Cooling table also needs some adjustments. Lets select all the entries for the warm and hot entry and limit very hot to the last or so 5 entries?
  11. Your title says your an advanced member, and you are running a beta (should it even be named beta) image for a board that has a runnable image for 2 days. That would mean to me you've got the knowledge to find the information you need. Running stability tests got a lot of pitfalls and you need to be able to identify those to add any value to the results.
  12. To check the stability of the board have a look at this post: #91 It has all the links to the info you need to check the stability of the board.
  13. I can rebase these commits on top of 4.10 if you like.
  14. I used this u-boot with FEL, but you have to get the files by hand: You need the sunxi-spl.bin from the 32 bit version of the u-boot and the u-boot-dtb.bin from the 64 bit. sunxi-spl.bin is in the u-boot-sun50i/master/ folder if it isn't cleaned. This is my script to boot through FEL: #!/bin/sh UBOOT=u-boot-dtb.bin DTB=sun50i-h5-orangepi-pc2.dtb UIMAGE=Image DTBADDR=0x4FA00000 KERNELADDR=0x40080000 BOOTSCRADDR=0x43100000 BOOTSCR=boot.scr sunxi-fel -v -p spl sunxi-spl.bin \ write 0x44000 bl31.bin \ write 0x4a000000 $UBOOT \ write $DTBADDR $DTB \ write $KERNELADDR $UIMAGE \ write $BOOTSCRADDR $BOOTSCR \ reset64 0x44000 \
  15. Great work! I'm curious what's the experience with my DVFS table. Hope it runs stable on all the boards!
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