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  1. Use the USB 3.0 port...probably with the toothpick if you are going to get a steady working environment or not is another story.....
  2. Well ...... almost SUCCESS I was really ready to throw it out of the window when ...somehow I remembered that I read somewhere that USB 3.0 port is considered "hot" for i burned the image to a usb drive....toothpicked (i hold it for quite a few seconds) ...and i had...almost success... for some unknown reason my screen is hoping endlessly Can someone give a helping hand... Screen_Jumping.mp4
  3. Thanks its a matter of support....too bad, curious don't they like money (?) ...
  4. For the few that keep an eye to the Amlogic CPU Boxes i have being unable to even bootup Armbian on my X96 Max+ So i took a look around ..... To my surprise i found quite some activity on both Rockchip & Allwinner and makes me scratch my head If i am not mistaken Rockchip has done some work on providing drivers but .... The Amlogic boxes carry a far better price/performance ratio or am I wrong ? Other than that i took a quick look around and the alternatives for e.g. S905X3 are quite expensive or way too old to compete,,,,am I missing something ?
  5. Returning to the original question : Has anyone with exactly the same specs (X96 Max+ 4/64, Android 9) managed to install Armbian successfully ? I feel thatI need to apologize - clarify a bit. Till now i never ever had issues with my 2 Tv Boxes (now 1 ) Especially the older Beelink X2 was kind of a Swiss Army Knife....whatever i threw it in the MicroSD it would boot no matter what (Armbian a lot of different versions , RetroOrangePi,OpenElec, DietPi,Batocera, i think LibreElec, Lakka ( a bit problematic if i recall) long there was kind of "CPU" match it would boot wi
  6. Thanks @SteeMan for the assistance.. given the fact that I switch MicroSDs and the one holding the Manjaro each time boots multiboot is enabled... what do you think ?
  7. I assume that when you run a - whatever - distribution from if you stay on the microsd no charges to the underlying system is I wrong ? How a modification could be possible without writing to the EMMC ? what about the subquestion...if the multi boot persists
  8. Thanks for replying @SteeMan Well it seems that almost nothing i do has an effect... At first I want to ask the "critical" question. If I enable the "multiboot" option via the toothpick should I do it everytime i test a new image ? the only "success" was with a Manjaro build but still I got quite a few issues. To be honest I tried to avoid the toothpick method (used the Update from Android) because I didn't like the idea of "hammering" the box with pulling and reinserting the power supply ...but anyway I have the following observations : As i said I tried man
  9. Hello to everybody I am trying to setup a brand new X96 max+ 4/64 Tv Box as a small linux machine but its simply doesn't work... I am using Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.9.0.img ...I think i have tried all the necessary .dtbs according to this guide : (i skipped the hk1box-bootloader.img cause I don't have a linux box handy) but nothing just about every time...not a single case where I saw something from Armbian. I have a Franklin9 (judging from the Android Recovery Screen) complaining that
  10. Thanks man...i need to examine what went wrong and when i removed the pcb from the case it wouldn't start...maybe i am missing something.
  11. Hello ...i have a probably "stupid" question but exactly is this pressure switch located on the back PCB of Beelink X2 i know its not the best angle but i guess that everyone that have dissasembled Beelink X2 has saw it...if you have issue recorgnize it i will take a photo (the one here is from a photo i found here) I tried to pull the Beelink out of the box and it wouldn't start....i guess it should be always pressed....
  12. Check your card...maybe the write processed didn't wen so well...format your SD card with SDFormatter and try again....also i had issues with the card if you have another try ...maybe you will get a nice surprise....BX2 is IMHO the best platform and the booting goes fine every time unless something goes wrong for the above reasons...couple days i had such a case as i written the image but didn't format the card first....the same orange light....formatted...rewritten...smooth sailing...
  13. Hello ...i have a NexBox A5 (905X) and i have installed LibreElec on the to boot Armbian...i need to do some testing...i have inserted MicroSD but it goes to the internal (LE) install