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  1. Thanks man...i need to examine what went wrong and when i removed the pcb from the case it wouldn't start...maybe i am missing something.
  2. Hello ...i have a probably "stupid" question but exactly is this pressure switch located on the back PCB of Beelink X2 i know its not the best angle but i guess that everyone that have dissasembled Beelink X2 has saw it...if you have issue recorgnize it i will take a photo (the one here is from a photo i found here) I tried to pull the Beelink out of the box and it wouldn't start....i guess it should be always pressed....
  3. Check your card...maybe the write processed didn't wen so well...format your SD card with SDFormatter and try again....also i had issues with the card if you have another try ...maybe you will get a nice surprise....BX2 is IMHO the best platform and the booting goes fine every time unless something goes wrong for the above reasons...couple days i had such a case as i written the image but didn't format the card first....the same orange light....formatted...rewritten...smooth sailing...
  4. Hello ...i have a NexBox A5 (905X) and i have installed LibreElec on the to boot Armbian...i need to do some testing...i have inserted MicroSD but it goes to the internal (LE) install
  5. Well it has being some time since my last post but..... With the latest Ambian OOlite now installs version 1.82 which is visually great initial issue resolved... Now there are other issues... 1. I Have no sound...i have BX2 connected via HDMI to my TV but no matter what ...everything is totally silent....i switched from default to shdmi but nothing....just nothing....well odd...there is a separate package for the sound...:) 2. which tool can i use to get the frequency my BX2 is running.also i think i have read something about OverClocking ..a little boost would be jus
  6. Hello to everybody... I have a generic bluetooth gamepad and i just can't pair it with my BT dongle...any ideas ? Bluetooth dongle : 00:1B:10:00:2A:EC Gamepad : FF:10:18:02:63:25 It gets discovered but i just can't pair it...i have a beelink x2
  7. I tried to install it manually but there seems after a lot of missing dependencies it cannot find/install libpng16-16 Any ideas....sorry i am not a linux user....
  8. Hello to everybody and happy holidays... I have a rather simple question..i have installed OOlite but it seems a little old as version and the expansions seems to need newer does anybody knows which is the latest versions that i can install on my Beelink X2 ...? Also as a sidenote when i launch the application the mouse cursor flashes rather annoyingly so if there is a solution to this it would be nice.... TIA
  9. S805 is different from S802...S802 is quite old...i know for sure they have made an OpenElec port but i want plain configurable Linux...for example right now my Beelink is downloading some stuff on home...later on i want to use to read some PDFs....OpenElec is just for Kodi....
  10. Hello, I need to ask this stupid question... I have an aging m8 tv box.(k200) i would like to ask if it's viable to run Armbian on it... Currently i have a beelink x2 running just beautifully armbian ....GREAT job to all the devs .....but i am thinking of using it more as a TV box and less as a linux it would be great if i could replace M8 with beelink and use m8 for linux ... TIA
  11. works thanks a lets see what i will see
  12. Thanks i will try that when i get back home and report back...
  13. So i guess i boot with armbian ,,,,let it for a while and then ssh --> h3disp...?...or i am missing something..?