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  1. If the uart port is not connected , the u-boot stop after "Hit any key to stop autoboot: 2 1 0 " ---- it is just what I guessed. If I hooked up the uart port with a debug board , I saw no output from screen. But if I press "Enter" key , the u-boot shows "=>" and ready for commands . A "reset" command can make the u-boot to reboot . If the uart port is connected before power up , the u-boot boots normally.
  2. I am playing with X96 Max+ and it always stops at u-boot if its uart port is not connected . It is said that there is interference from uart port thus u-boot thinks it has received commands. Is that true ?
  3. I am trying to build an armbian img. with mainline kernels for s905x3 tvboxes ( especially h96 max x3 and X96_Max_plus ) . However , Since these boxes are not supported by armbian , I am wondering if anyone has even succeeded in building an up-to-date armbian without ethernet/sound issues ? Regards !
  4. Thanks for the tip . Could you please tell me how to use wayland/weston ? Currently I installed armbian ( kernel 5.7.16 ) built by balbes and I would like to try the improvements you mentioned. Regards !
  5. Just curious which WIFI chip is at your X96 Max+ stb ? Which OS are you playing with ?
  6. I installed Focal Armbian ( Desktop version ) at my tvbox and everything is so far so good . Only a small issue hassles me : after the desktop launches , I had to use the mouse to click the desktop so that it can receive focus . Only after that , can I use the arrow keys to move the focus between icons. If I press the arrow keys just after desktop launches , nothing happens ---- obviously , sth. steals the focus . Is it a normal behavior as expected ? May I config sth. to avoid using mouse to retrieve the focus to desktop ? Thankyou for your attention :)
  7. Hi , hexdump : Do you know the related code about setting video mode ? I would like to modify the legacy u-boot to make it right
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience ! Did you make the wifi works at X96 Max Plus too ? As much as I know , X96 Max plus comes with rtl8822cs which is different from the one at HK1Box . Does the wifi works at HK1Box with Armbian ?
  9. I try to compile armbian from git : https://github.com/150balbes/Build-Armbian/ ( should I use https://github.com/armbian/build instead ? ) However , I did not find the board option for Khadas Vim1 . Which board would be identical to it ? Does the https://github.com/armbian/build has this board ? Regards !
  10. Just curious , Does wifi 88x2ce/8822cs work in Android ? If yes , how fast is it ?
  11. Hi @balbes150, Would you mind telling me how to generate the u-boot-s905x-s912 at boot dir. of armbian release ? I cannot find any source/repository about it . Thanks !
  12. I would like to know the content of u-boot-s905x-s912 and u-boot-s905x2-s922 at the boot dir. of armbian release . Is there a tool to de-compile these script to plain text ? Sorry if this question had been asked or answered . I didnot find any clues from searching at this forum. Thanks !
  13. I didnot find a driver for MT7668RSN at armbian Armbian_20.02.0-rc1.038_Aml-s9xxx_eoan_current_5.5.0-rc6_desktop_20200205 . There is little info. about this chip on Internet either . But it works at the orignal android with kernel 3.14. Will it be avail. at the coming new armbian release ? Regards ! Guofu Han P.S. if this is not the right place to post it , please help me to move it . Thanks !
  14. I installed armbian_eoan_desktop_5.5 on my set-top box and updated mesa to 20.1-devl . But I found out the Xfce4 desktop is a little bit larger than my TV screen . I checked the Application->setting->display and used xrandr -q to print out the parameters : Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1920 x 1080, maximum 3840 x 2160 HDMI-1 connected primary 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 575mm x 323mm 1920x1080 60.00*+ 60.00 50.00 59.94 24.00 23.98 1920x1080i 60.00 50.00 59.94 1680x1050 59.88 1280x1024 60.02 1280x960 60.00 1360x768 60.02 1280x800 59.91 1280x720 60.00 50.00 59.94 1024x768 60.00 800x600 60.32 56.25 720x576 50.00 720x480 59.94 But I found out nothing . Is this a bug in mesa ?
  15. Thanks for your contribution ! May I apply this update to armbian debian bullseye too ?
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