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  1. Hello, First I want to thank you for wonderful linux distribution it was been awhile since I last used it, and lot of things changed for me. So I need someone to point me in right direction to catch up with some changes. i'm using Armbian_5.38_Orangepizero_Debian_stretch_next_4.14.14 First thing I do not see is script.bin - I use to configure gpios, which one gonna be uart, spi ........ etc. How can I do that now. Second thing is h3consumption tool, I usually use it do disable some system components, like usb in order to lower cpu temperature. I found answers to other things so far using google. So if someone point me in right direction, gonna be very grateful
  2. Hello, First please excuse me for being not learned enough to do it without asking stupid questions. Here is my goal: Build Armbian (debian jessie) image with some packages included into it, include some web content and scripts into image, run my own script at firstboot to configure apache/mysql etc. So everything to start working out of the box after first boot. I read a little and saw userpatches/customize-image.sh is responsible for custom configuration, but got no idea how to proceed further. For example if I want to install mariadb what should I do? apt-get install mariadb (it says this file was executed in chroot environment) Please if possible guide me in right direction or just post an example.
  3. Hello, I'm running some busybox scripts in infinite loops. I have used them from long time, before I move to armbian, they work on openwrt without any problem , some of the machines was with uptime half a year and scripts never stop working. After I move to armbian, I noticed they stop from time to time. usually after 4-5 days of running. Script is run with output redirected to /dev/null There is no trace why script is stop working in the logs, so I run it in screen terminal and detach, it works more than a week without failing ........... is there a better way to see what is going on?
  4. Need to try that, my camera is not working, cuz it was my first camera I open dispute to seller .......... probably there is nothing wrong with the hardware
  5. interrupts should be nice, I use fs access to gpio and my scripts are monitoring them every 0.1 sec, that make some cpu load, interrupts gonna be better
  6. I have used my zero, for RFID reading, noticed only one restart (unknown reason for me, since it is connected thru UPS), but since I develop, maximum uptime was 2 days so far. When stop restarting it gonna post results here. In other hand, my PC plus, was uptime of 10 days and when I decided to reboot it, it stop responding (blinking green led)., Armbian, debian jessie with legacy kernel.
  7. I used same on both boards, just edit MFRC522.py to use second SPI interface, because on Orange PI zero, first one is used for NOR FLASH here is the topic explained how to use single MFRC522 on orange PI, as I said on zero you need to edit MFRC522.PY find line: spi.openSPI(speed=spd,device="/dev/spidev0.0") and replace: spi.openSPI(speed=spd,device="/dev/spidev1.0")
  8. This is out of the topic, but what is the lowest CPU freq orange pi can go, I set Zero PI freq to 240000 and temperature drops with 10 ! It have higher CPU load than before, but CPU temperature is more important in my case. And seconds question, I have read in orange pi forum working temperature of 75 C is normal, is that correct?
  9. well I made few test, almost all of SPI signals got no problem to run on 10m FTP using one wire pair signal. only MISO do not work well. So I decided to shorten cable to 5M using one wire per signal. - do not work at all. Then I tried to use 2 wires for MISO - do not work at all. Well I start wonder why, on 10 meters it worked unstable on 5 meters do not work at all.......... Finally I used another 5M FTP cable for MISO m got 2 pairs this time and other was just unused - works without a problem. I suspect there is some interference when other wires of FTP cable was used for something. Gonna test with 10m later and post the results. PS I figure out that SPI usage makes ZERO CPU go really hot, it goes to 65 by just reading 2 SPI readers. So I decide to lower the SPI speed: def __init__(self,spd=1000000): changed it to def __init__(self,spd=100000): restart the scripts and temperature do down with 10 degree! yahooo .......... but ............ one of my readers stop working, one connected thru 5m FTP cable .......... everywhere I read, lower speed is longer cable can be used and now it is opposite. PS. after some testing value of 200000 make it work stable, and lower temperature with 4-5 degree. So it is acceptable for now. Gonna use heatsink later
  10. I can confirm it is working on orange pi zero. successful removed SPI NOR flash - MX25L1606E and soldier wires on it's place. Connected MFRC522 and it working fine. My goal is finally achieved, to use 2 MFRC 522 on one orange pi board. Now need to focus on another issue, how far can be reader module from OPI board, tried 10M FTP using one pair for a SPI signal, works unstable, read about lowering SPI clock, passed it as parameter from MFRC522.PY but nothing changed, not sure it change it. Anyone got experience in that direction?
  11. orange pi zero comes with usable SPI1.0 interface (actually second one) (PA13, PA14,PA15,PA16), first is up too (spi0.0) but is used for that SPI nor flash, so only way to do it on zero is to remove that chip and place wires ....... in other hand zero have big temperature issue and I do not want to use it anyway. Gonna try orange pi ONE (when arrives from china) I guess reconfiguring and soldering a wire to PA15 (red led) not gonna be a problem, but what about PA16 - MUTE, got no idea where to find it.
  12. damn that can't be helped, I want to use dual MFRC522, last thing I gonna try will be do remove SPI NOR flash from Orange PI zero and use SPI from there, hope not to burn it. MX25L1606E was used there. Any idea do I need to place any resistors before connect pins to MFRC522 module?
  13. any success with use second spi, without detach the led and audio?
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