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    nedoskiv got a reaction from yogesh in Orange PI SmartHome project   
    Hello everyone, first i want to say sorry if this post is not in the right place.
    I decided to post this in Armbian forum first, because I use it and it was awesome linux distribution with good community and support.
    I started as a hobby to write a software about controlling relays, to switch things in my home, like light, water heater, floor heater, etc.
    Hardware passes from PicoIP , thru wireless routers and finish on Orange PI, it offers a lot extras for it's price.
    What I have done so far: (all is in web interface, written from scratch)
    You can:
    switch on/off relays
    switch on/off relays for period of time
    schedule relay switching at specific fixed  date/time, or day of week, ....
    Host monitor - restart relay if loses connection to specific ip address(es) or host name(s)
    Proximity monitor - when you come back at home and your phone connect to WiFI it start doing things that you program it for.
    W1 temperature sensors support - can read data and do whatever you program it when temperature reach above or below ............
    Digital Gpio Input support- you can connect there whatever you want, from a remote controls, movement detectors ......... everything that  return high or low value
    RFID reader support - working in progress
    Analog sensors support - working in progress
    Email notification system - can sent emai when some sensor is triggered. You can easily create a home security system with a little play of settings.
    Why I post that, well I decided to make it available to the public, and also looking for testers and people to help me write documentation and develop the project further. So if anyone is interested, contact me
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    nedoskiv got a reaction from Igor in boot bug on OPI PC PLUS?   
    I can confirm that, image you pointed at works without any issues (on OPI PC+). Thank you.
    It was not u-boot bug after all?