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  1. Hello, I was looking for Kali on BPi and tried the "Kali Linux BananaPi offensive-securityDOTcom-2020.04"-image without success. Unfortunately the image does not boot and no support from there (Domain-contact nor forum[...][...]). Some message about "mount: mounting /dev/mmcblk0p1 on /root failed: No such device", even if kernel was started from this 'No such device"'-SD-card. So Igor wrote me about katoolin which I tested on BPi with Armbian 20.11.3 Busterarmbian. For anyone who is interested here is my way:
  2. Ok, here my result from weekend for those who are interested: armbianio needs patch for Lamobo(armbianio.patch): ------------------------------------------ ...armbianio.patch diff --git a/armbianio.c b/armbianio.c +static int iLamobor1Pins[] = {-1,-1,-1,53,-1,52,-1,259,224,-1, + 225,275,226,274,-1,273,244,-1,245,268, + -1,269,272,267,266,-1 + ,270}; ... ------------------------------------------ Sending 433-Mhz-codes now also work with WiringBPi on kernel >=4... with WiringPi it do
  3. wiringpi does not see those changes: /home/Funksteckdosen/433Utils/RPi_utils# cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio224/direction out /home/Funksteckdosen/433Utils/RPi_utils# gpio readall +-----+-----+---------+------+---+-Model A-+---+------+---------+-----+-----+ | BCM | wPi | Name | Mode | V | Physical | V | Mode | Name | wPi | BCM | +-----+-----+---------+------+---+----++----+---+------+---------+-----+-----+ | | | 3.3v | | | 1 || 2 | | | 5v | | | | 2 | 8 | SDA.1 | IN | 0 | 3 || 4 | | | 5v | | | |
  4. OK...I am smarter now... CON3-P01 VCC-3.3V CON3-P02 VCC-5V CON3-P03 TWI2-SDA PB21 CON3-P04 VCC-5V CON3-P05 TWI2-SCK PB20 CON3-P06 GND CON3-P07 GPCLK PI3 CON3-P08 UART3-TX PH0 (8-1)*32+0=224 [3.4.113 old-gpio-number-> 14 RxD ] old-WiringPi-number 15 CON3-P09 GND CON3-P10 UART3-RX PH1 CON3-P11 IO-0(UART2-RX) PI19 (9-1)*32+19=275 [3.4.113 -> 17 ALT4 ] CON3-P12 IO-1 PH2 CON3-P13 IO-2(UART2-TX) PI18 CON3-P14 GND CON3-P15 IO-3(UART2-CT
  5. Hi Tido, thanks for fast answer. R1 is AP and switch. - Additional I control 4 LED's to check stuff/States - 4 Inputs to controll my (smart)homeserver FHEM - set some relais... - get IR codes from remote control - PIR to react on movements near to R1 I also need to use gpio for send 433MHz codes, now based on 3.4.113 and wiringpi and rc-switch My first test with armbianIO failed: root@lamobo:~/io/ArmbianIO# ./demo 0=Le potato (Lamobo R1) 1=Banana Pi M2 Zero (not 'Lamobo R1') 2=Raspberry Pi (not 'Lamobo R1') .
  6. Hello, I just fresh installed Armbian_5.31_Lamobo-r1_Debian_jessie_next_4.9.7.img on my R1(which is for me a fantastic device). I tried to use GPIO by sysfs like I used to do on 3.4.113-kernel. on 3.4.113: echo "17" > /sys/class/gpio/export echo "out" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio17/direction cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio17/value echo "1" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio17/value gpio -g read 17 ...this is working fine ls -l /sys/class/gpio/ --w------- 1 root root 4096 Nov 4 19:17 export lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Nov 4 19:17 gpio14 -> ../../devices/
  7. Hello Igor, thanks for answering! OK, I am not R1-ubuntu , I hoped I could clone a git and test it without your graet tooltchain. regards
  8. Hello Ikrk, thanks for info! The backported driver I compiled on my R1, but before I compiled the 3.4.108-git-kernel version too on my R1. My backported driver works good (19 day uptime R1 as only AP) , but I got a lot of driver-messages in my logs. I will try/test the shaun2029-driver too, Did you compile on R1 or crosscompile by igors-toolchain? @igor can I somehow compile your 3.4.110-R1-kernel-version with all you patches on R1? Does it support csi-cam? regards
  9. good morning @tkaiser, more good pictures of the module itself can be seen at:,searchweb201644_0,searchweb201560_9 There you can see the new ra5572 from all sides. I have no further pictures from replacement, but like badrianiulian wrote, he has some more but has to look for them and post them But the mod is very simple. On one side there are 6 solderpoints next to each other, the other side are 3 and 3 next to each other. Im
  10. @wildcat_paris I put the antenna-cables directly on the mini-rt5572-board. (joke) You or anyone in this forum could buy my 8192cu, i sell it for 10 Euro :-) @badrianiulian If you are happy with mainline-kernel there is no need to do the backports-stuff for 3.4.10x. But I need CSI-camera support which is not working on mainline. Thanks again for your idea and your configs!
  11. Hi, >Somewhere I also read, that only one (1) Antenna is active - can't remember if there is a fix for that Yes, at my R1-8192cu also only 1 antenna gets better signal. is it because of MIMO? one antenna OUT, the other IN? But this Doesn't matter for me anymore... >And if you want to use 40 MHz bandwidth you need to hack the hostapd file I tested everything, also this patches. with/without-Debug-patched and with/without-40Mhz-patches (
  12. Hi Tido, thanks for your work and your manual! I had this problem on bananian and on a past version of armbian too,. I was also writing with an other user here in a personal conversation who tested this for me too on his R1 using armbian. Till this point he also thought that he had a stable wifi...but he got the same behaviour on distance to 8192cu and big-data-streams. :-) ...crash...only reboot fixed it... There may be a lot of good feedbacks for usb-8192cu, but for me those bad feedbacks are no coincidence. That's what I found for example on german Amazon: ------
  13. good morning, @shawn wood if you think you have a stable 8192cu-wifi, please test wifi (ex. after about 2-3 days running R1) if your client is not directly next to the R1, so thake a bit distance and then start ex. a youtube-HD-videostream or some big OS-Updates on your client(s). In all my tests with all kind of software-variations (OS,8192cu-drivers,hostapd) my 8192cu-Wifi on R1 was hanging after some days. After this hanging WIFI, restarting any hostapd-versions nor reloading any tested drivers did help! Only reboot the system did fix the problem. On Amazon people with 8192-devices a
  14. Hi, my "Mt5572 wifi-modul wl- um01ebs- 5572- v 1. 0 27*17.7mm usb 2. 0" arrived from china. The ra5572-chip is working on R1-lamobo with 3.4.108-kernel and backports-3.12.8-1-drivers. Mainline kernel works out-of-the-box , but I need CSI-cam-support in 3.4. (see During my x-mas vacation I tested the driver with an "CSL 300Mbit USB WLAN"-USB-ra5572 from Amazon and my wifi worked very stable for 14 days till I ended the duration test to solder the new onboard-module. So anyone who wants to test his s