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  1. laurentppol's post in OPi3 not routing (Armbian Buster) was marked as the answer   
    Looks there is a problem with one of my routers, not OPi3... Small change in routing scheme and I get WWW from IP Webcam on phone.
  2. laurentppol's post in [Invalid] - New OrangePi 4 (not B), no image at HDMI was marked as the answer   
    Ok, found solution:
    - restarted from scratch (*.img file -> uSD),
    - connected "real HDMI" (some overscan) TV, keyboard,
    - gone trough initial config (root passwd, "normal" user),
    - configured WiFi (had no wired Eth at my neighbour) using nmtui,
    - now SSH works in both directions.
    So conclusion is: the problem was / is (still no video on VGA) with cheap HDMI->VGA converter.
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