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  1. Hi there, as the Chinese market is missing "in stock" OPi4 (not B), RockPi 4B (for more than a month) I am looking for alternative. Found "Asus Tinker Board 2", same RK3399, 4GB RAM, 4xUSB3 as plus (OPi4 has 2x3.0 + 2x2.0, AFAIK). Is it compatible with Armbian or have I to wait until OPi4 / Rock Pi 4B will be available? (as it is not listed in subforum header). Laurent.
  2. Great thanks Igor, "manual way" worked - downloaded -current- debs, put it on USB stick, mounted on OPi3, then issue dpkg --install *.deb. In time of installation there was a message about "kernel configuration invalid", but after a reset it looks to work normally.
  3. Ok, I have 5.9.14. How to upgrade to 5.10.y? Are there somewhere packages ready to install (how)?
  4. Edit: ifconfig on Eth shows 0 incoming packets / bytes, there are some values on TX. on WiFi numbers looks as expected. LEDs on Eth blinks like there were packet and connection.
  5. Hi there, 2 days ago I did apt update + apt upgrade on my OPi3, everything fine. Yesterday I did a system reboot (as suggested "kernel changed"), then Eth port went dead. No even ARP works (ARPING). Have tried: - ifconfig shows correct values, - ethtool shows 1Gbps FDX connection, also same on router (OpenWRT TL-WR1043ND w 18.06 software), - changed eth cable, - on other OPi connected to same switch / router (also went dead) depowering device helped, but not on OPi3, - ARP shows MAC/IP not resolved, - WiFi (configured as AP) looks working. - al
  6. Looks it worked this way, thanks. Not tested thouroughly but system starts and looks like it should.
  7. Hi there, I want to migrate system on OPi PC+ from 32GB uSD card to 16GB card. System is small enough to fit on 16GB, but too large for 8GB eMMC (amazingly fast according dd). How to do it? My idea is: - copy (raw, using dd) first 8192 sectors from 32GB to 16GB, - then remove partition (32GB) and recreate it with 16GB size, format using same EXT filesystem, - copy (on another computer, or "simple" Armbian installed on eMMC) partition contents using rsync. Will it work? Will there be no issue with different UUID of new partition?
  8. Ooops, You were right: [ o.k. ] Preparing [ host ] [ .... ] Please read documentation to set up proper compilation environment [ .... ] [ error ] ERROR in function prepare_host [ ] [ error ] Running this tool on non x86-x64 build host in not supported [ o.k. ] Process terminated Problem is that I have only 32bit Linux on x86, and 64bit Armbian....
  9. Somehow I managed to make WORKING connection, using NetworkManager "connection editor" or nmtui (don't remember). Will see it this survives reboot. But there is NO routing! I can connect to webcam (what is purpose of this WiFi setup, on channel 1, as my "normal" network is on channel 11), but ONLY from OPi3. I CAN ping OPi WiFi from laptop, but can't connect webcam on this wifi. (webcam does not respond to ping but this is Android "feature"). I CAN however connect this webcam from OPi! With "motion" and Firefox (on remote X on laptop). In next post I'll attach my config files,
  10. I have already toolchain on OPi3 + kernel source, can I use native compile?
  11. Ok, if it is possible to build only kernel (I hope it will not download anything else...) thats GREAT, and I will try :) THX.
  12. The config You provided is for building whole Armbian? I need the one for kernel only (I have already kernel sources as I needed to compile "tmon" from there). Just to put it in kernel source root, "make menuconfig" to change optical drives on, and "make; make install", - how do I update initrd?)
  13. Ok, here it is: "# CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR is not set" Not even =M (module)... So I'll try to build my own kernel.
  14. Ok, yesterday installed fan (sold on Ali as for "Raspberry Pi 3" but it fits even inside casing), temperature (no real load) even below 40*C. (@ 26*C ambient). Will look that is to be going on. "1 liner" to log temperature@date-time launched, so there will be possibility to make a graph of this.
  15. root@orangepi3:/var/motion# armbianmonitor -u System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to gzip: /var/log/armbian-hardware-monitor.log.1.gz: No such file or directory Please post the URL in the forum where you've been asked for. Here it is. Don't know why there is an error.