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  1. Looks there is a problem with one of my routers, not OPi3... Small change in routing scheme and I get WWW from IP Webcam on phone.
  2. Ooops, not so fast: httping works (to telephone, Android does not respond to ping), but using browser I get to.... OPi3 HTTP server, NOT phone. iptables are just clear. How to solve this? root@orangepi3:~# iptables-save | more root@orangepi3:~# route -n Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface UG 100 0 0 eth0 U 1000 0 0 wlan0 U 100 0 0 eth0 U 100 0 0 eth0 UG 100 0 0 eth0 U 600 0 0 wlan0
  3. Storage - external USB->SATA HDD, 320GB, about 2GB/24h @ 1fps, software: motion, set to permanently record at 1fps from IP Webcam on old Android phone (Xperia L), image set 1280x1024. Plus cron replica to remote storage every 10min (WiFi link). Separate WiFi network (different channel from other apps for performance reasons, this is why I have set up OPi3 as AP and want routing). Satisfaction level: very high :). lanefu: THX very much.
  4. Hi there, I have an OPi3 box that acts as home surveillance server. It has WiFi configured as AP, client is Android phone with static IP/routing and IP Camera software. Problem is, that there is NO IP routing. I CAN access video / pictures from phone on OPi box, but NOT from my LAN. Below is routing table and iptables. Looks ok but not working. I am able to access (from LAN) WiFi IP of OPi. Also can access video served by "motion" software on OPi. But no direct connection to Android phone. root@orangepi3:/tmp# route -n Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface UG 100 0 0 eth0 U 1000 0 0 eth0 U 100 0 0 eth0 U 100 0 0 eth0 UG 100 0 0 eth0 U 600 0 0 wlan0 root@orangepi3:/tmp# iptables -L Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt source destination Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt source destination Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt source destination Laurent
  5. Ok, found solution: - restarted from scratch (*.img file -> uSD), - connected "real HDMI" (some overscan) TV, keyboard, - gone trough initial config (root passwd, "normal" user), - configured WiFi (had no wired Eth at my neighbour) using nmtui, - now SSH works in both directions. So conclusion is: the problem was / is (still no video on VGA) with cheap HDMI->VGA converter.
  6. Logged as root using HDMI TV / usb keyboard, changed password, but stuck at new user creation stage, as there are too restrictive rules for password (used CRTL-C). Then useradd / passwd. Now I still get "connection reset by xx.xx.xx.xx port 22. 1). How to login on device by net?, 2). How to resume initial Armbian setup process once logged? on my other PIs I had no problem with this initial setup and got to GUI w/o problem.
  7. Will do later on (as HDMI display is at my neighbour). What (if?) is the default root password? Blank?
  8. OK, got it connected to "real HDMI", see attached picture. Looks it is starting, NMAP shows SSH port open (the only), but system refuses SSH connection (as no root password has been set?) ssh root@ Connection reset by port 22 What should I do next? Connect to console or there is another (easier) way? Red LED is solid, Green flashes fast 2 times, then some space, and again.
  9. Thanks for claryfying, tomorrow will try "live" HDMI display, if not OK will connect serial (THX for speed indication) :)
  10. Can't find what I did wrong with this report, please clarify. I have NO communication with the (new!) board, except green led flashing and red led lit. Only signal of activity is gathering an IP from DHCP server. I am stuck on what to test next.
  11. Hi there, Just got OPi4 after some problem from Chineses... Problem: - no at all output at HDMI (connected to HDMI-VGA converter and 1920x1024 VGA LCD display, works with OPi PC+), - if Eth connected device gots (after few minutes) IP from DHCP. - no server running on that IP (tried telnet, ssg, WWW), PING works. uSD card with Armbian Buster for OPi4. What to check next? Console? What speed? 115200 or 1.500.000?
  12. Found one more problem: there is no routing from LAN to WiFi AP. (IPv4). I can access device (Android phone) from OPi3, but if on laptop (LAN connection) I set OPi3 as GW for this WiFi network it does not work. (Android does not respond to ping, I know this), but trying to get WWW from "IP webcam" on this phone does not work. It WORKS from OPi3! Checked iptables, all chains are "ACCEPT" to this is not the problem. What to check next?
  13. This is why I have sent whole output of armbianmonitor -u instead od only produced URL. Is my case still "invalid"?
  14. Ok, armbianmonitor -u: root@orangepi3:/mnt/disk2/var/motion# armbianmonitor -u System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to gzip: /var/log/armbian-hardware-monitor.log.1.gz: No such file or directory Please post the URL in the forum where you've been asked for. I (personally) find it a bug: have configured AP using standard OS tools, it shows "WPA2" in TUI. Now need someone with deeper knowledge. Searched forum for "no WPA2" phrase, no relevant results. Should I correct anything else? Laurent
  15. Hi there, I have configured (successfully with NetworkManager GUI, or TUI, it was quite ago, can see it in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ ) my OPi3 as an WiFi AP. (Needed this as sharing "normal" LAN traffic with video surveillance on same WiFi channel was a disaster). It works, but in "scan" on OpenWRT routers this WIFi shows only as WPA not WPA2 protected. Armbian Buster 21.02.3. Why? How to correct this? Laurent