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  1. Hi Wondering if there are instructions on how to use the newer dwmac driver (instead of sun8i-emac.c) on the dev branch 4.10.x ? thanks jerry
  2. thanks, the line worked, I see the compile now pulling orange-pi-4.9. Unfortunately, the compiled failed. Have anyone tried to 4.9? │ LD drivers/staging/built-in.o │ │ Makefile:988: recipe for target 'drivers' failed │ │ make: *** [drivers] Error 2 Problem is here, any quick thoughts how to proceed? Is this just me, or the current branch shouldn't compile with 4.9? result [-Wunused-result] devm_request_irq(dev, irq, sdio_irq_handler, 0, "xradio", func); ^~~~
  3. Hi I want to build armbian for nanopi neo with a different mainline. What I have done is 1. added lib.config file in userpatches with statement ARMBIAN_MAINLINE_KERNEL_VERSION='4.9' that didn't work, I still get a 4.10.1 kernel build 2. then changed ARMBIAN_MAINLINE_KERNEL_VERSION='4.9' that didn't work either, I got 4.10.1 kernel build Any other tricks? -jerry
  4. @kabturek are you fixing the half duplex issue? If not, could i get some general directions, I think i can of help as well.
  5. Got my nano pi neo booted as well. Eth0 is stuck at half duplex, anyone else seen this?
  6. @szwistak I can't find it any more either. I been trying to reproduce that build done by igore, but no success, so i give up and wait until some one build another working image with 4.9.4 or something like it ...
  7. Hi Wondering if anyone knew the algorithm that assigns mac addresses to orange zero. Is it based on something static/cpu id /...? or it is purely random. Will this mac change over time or after it is generated, it will stay the same? I have one zero that mac is pretty static and another changed mac after I did a upgrade. If I want better control of the mac address, what's the best way to make it static? this is on the mainline -jerry
  8. Regarding the ethernet driver development discontinued. Is that part of sunxi-linux or armbian? (sorry I am new to this). If the driver is no longer operational (or operate with some problems, possible to go back to something that was working?) Is this from upstream kernel or from armbian? Is this something that a newbie can help? -jerry
  9. Got it, so the neo is a exact copy of orange one? I assume it is. Any idea on when will the ethernet be re-enabled? Yes, now I got the ethernet working with your new config line. Now I am running into the same issue that I am having in orange pi zero with the nano pi. The interface is again stuck at 100MB in half duplex. Are all of these problems all related?
  10. My Zero works too. It is just the image with 4.9.0 kernel with Ethernet as 100 Full duplex and 4.9.4 with half duplex. 4.9.4 also doesn't work with my new Nano Pi Neo. Yes, I do understand, I need the console log. Still trying to figure out how to attach it and getting a USB to serial as well. My overall frustration is, I do understand perfectly that dev branches are not suppose to be release quality. It will be good if we mark as a community that certain images are better than others.
  11. I have searched all the forums, can't find a way to use build a image with the kernel to be 4.9.0 version. Is there a variable some where to set this? the latest 4.9.4 and 4.9.3 are not working well for my nanopi or my orange zero. and yes, i went through all the docs, and tried I can. -jerry
  12. you should get the heat sink from them. they stick to the back and i get like 40 to 50 C
  13. Same here, I got my Neo today unable to boot with the newer kernel (using nightly). Unfortunately, no serial output. will figure out how to connect the serial now. Still trying to figure out how to roll back the kernel to 4.9.0 ... no success yet. can't find the doc either.
  14. @martinayotte Appreciate your help. Just cloned a workspace and build a fresh image. (no special config, just a orange pi zero debian 4.9 server image) I am still getting the eth0 at half Duplex. An older image given to be by @igor this image works perfectly (with Full Duplex and solved stability issues) root@orangepizero:~# uname -a Linux orangepizero 4.9.3-sun8i #1 SMP Sat Jan 14 17:08:59 PST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux root@orangepizero:~# mii-tool eth0 -v eth0: negotiated 100baseTx-HD, link ok product info: vendor 00:11:05, model 0 rev 0 basic mode: isolate, autonego
  15. @martinayotte Just did a git pull and used to create a new mainline image for orangepizero. The half duplex is still there. I assume you also used the script for your images. If not let me know, I can try your way as well. root@orangepizero:~# uname -a Linux orangepizero 4.9.3-sun8i #5 SMP Fri Jan 13 15:57:42 PST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux root@orangepizero:~# ethtool eth0 Settings for eth0: Supported ports: [ TP MII ] Supported link modes: 10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full 100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full Supported pause frame use: No