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  1. @blastiko I must tell you that 2Gbit = 256MByte. Memory chips are usually identified with Gbit as unit, not GByte.
  2. Recently I borrowed my Orange Pi PC2 to a friend, and he fails to set up SSH connection w/ it. After debugging w/ HDMI monitor, I found ssh_host_ecdsa_key, ssh_host_ed25519_key and ssh_host_rsa_key are preloaded to the Orange Pi PC2 image, which prevented SSH from working. Even if it doesn't prevent working of SSHD, it's also a severe security hole -- that means all Armbian installation with the same image will uses the same host key and they're vulnerable to MITM attack. I think these files should be purged when generating image, and regenerated when first powerup. It's what AOSC OS images do.
  3. @martinayotteI think many board DO explicitly provide the bus-width. Of course, I think many people haven't equipped ECC brain like me, so there could be some boards w/o bus-width. You can submit patches for mainline for those boards. The mainline doesn't agree to add bus-width to SoC DTSI because it's for the board's designer to decide the bus-width (of course it cannot go beyond the controller's maximum). For example, some board uses a SD card slot (which is bus-width = <4>) on a eMMC controller (which can be at most bus-width = <8>), and in this case the 4 remaining data lines can even be used as GPIO.
  4. Maybe it's some early patch. In early development of Pine H64 support, I missed bus-width for Pine H64. (BTW do anyone of you here have the experience of installing an ECC-capable brain?) Then it gets fixed in commit d177c8b61d6b4ef360b1c2682e4d8e3bae01738b . If it's some early patch derived from Pine H64 patch in 4.19, it might suffer from this error.
  5. I tested on a Rongpin RP-H6B development board, and it also resets properly with normal WDOG. So maybe only OPi's are affected?
  6. H6 has hardware virtualization, and now with mainline kernel it's possible to run KVM on it. For Xen, it's possible to port, but I don't know who wants to port ;-)
  7. @martinayotte sun50i-h6-emac is already gone dropped in the newest driver, and upstream DT now uses ``` compatible = "allwinner,sun50i-h6-emac", "allwinner,sun50i-a64-emac"; ``` If someone needs me to do hack on OPi3, I can consider to purchase one. Shipment from Shenzhen to Guangzhou (where I live) usually cost <24h.
  8. @martinayotte I remember in mainline Linuc I killed sun50i-h6-emac in driver, and it only exists as a fallback compatible string.
  9. @5kft H5 is troublesome on thermal sensor, because the raw value - temperature function is not a single line, but two segments of line. I don't know how is this dealed in sun4i-gpadc-iio.
  10. Read `process/submitting-patches.rst` in kernel source tree; and don't hesitate to try ;-)
  11. Yes, quite low -- BPi M2-Zero gets it just because I have that board. I just do not like to write patches for boards I don't own ;-)
  12. I'm not sure, my distro uses 4.19 and omitted 4.18.
  13. You can drop my branch now and use ARM-Software upstream, the power down function is already merged.
  14. Currently what I heard is that the extra USB2 port is on some NC pin.
  15. Mikey from Sinovoip showed me some photos on kernel logs that is said to be booting A40i with mainline U-Boot. (Of course this makes no difference as mainline U-Boot doesn't try to recognize the print on the chip ;-) )