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  1. @IgorSeems to be . By the way in mainline kernel the "fix" seems to be dropping ZSMALLOC_PGTABLE_MAPPING , see (it's already in linux-next).
  2. Could you try to switch the ZRAM algorithm to zstd to try out? This seems to be fixing issue when I try to port Armbian to PineCube.
  3. `SATA controller [0106]: ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1062 Serial ATA Controller [1b21:0612]` is tested to work.
  4. oh I don't think the previous word will work. RTW88 driver only uses the BAR with ID 2, which is the memory space, not IO space.
  5. Interestingly the wireless card also uses IO space... could you try to add `num-viewport = <4>;` to the PCIe device node and remove calls for dw_pcie_prog_outbound_atu() in sunxi_pcie_host_init() ? (although I don't know whether this will work...)
  6. Currently it's tested on Pine H64 model A. More tests, e.g. on OPi 3 is welcomed. (And if a PR can be sent, it's better :-) )
  7. As we know, the PCIe on H6 is buggy, which doesn't offer linear address, and Linux cannot support such kind of configuration. However, the Cortex-A53 cores used by H6 supports virtualization, which can be used to change the order of the address space. Recently, I tried to make use of virtualization to provide linear mapping of PCIe, and I succeed in making an Intel 6205 wireless card working. The hypervisor code is at . It's intended to start before U-Boot, and located at 0x40010000. A U-Boot fork that is patched to load the hypervisor is at , and a kernel that utilizes the wrapped PCIe (and patched to reserve memory for the hypervisor) is at . In order to let the hypervisor start before U-Boot, BL31 needs to be built with `PRELOADED_BL33_BASE=0x40010000` in make parameter -- this will change the EL2 entrypoint to the hypervisor. Mainline ATF from ARM works. Contributions to the hypervisor is welcomed. (In addition, abusing virtualization in such way will prevent us from using KVM. But I think more people will want PCIe instead of KVM, right?)
  8. @Igor I found why anx6345 mainlined in 5.5 doesn't work on TERES-I. an overflow bug.
  9. The keyboard loads a updater, then after a small time span it unloads the updater and loads the real keyboard. U-Boot can only recognize the updater.
  10. My U-Boot is not dark, but this kernel should have peoper KMS support for TERES.
  11. @Igor If you want to support 5.4 now, you can cherry-pick patches from , this currently works.
  12. I took out my own TERES-I and now debugging... A weird experience. ANX bridge and panel are recognized, but nothing is displayed.
  13. @Igor seems that you are at a 5.6 base now. Thus try my patches on 5.6? This fixes supply name issue for anx6345, should fixes TERES This adds ANX6345 node to Pinebook.
  14. @Igor @jernej I had a headache night to debug on ANX6345 on 5.6-rc1. The polarity of the reset pin in the DT should be reversed with the mainlined driver, compared to my first version. 5.4 should not be affected by this because the DT binding enters at 5.5 and the real driver at 5.6 .