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  1. @Igor, are you saying that RPi got it wrong by doing the USB power? If so, could you give some reasons - I'd like to know more. @matinayotte, that sounds great, but my application requires 32Gb storage or more, so I'd need the SD card regardless.
  2. Thanks @Igor... I just looked that up, and it brings up a new issue: power adapter. Another thing that made the OPi0 more "realistic" to use is the fact that it uses the Micro USB to power it and not some "custom" (or not as common) power adapter.
  3. Does the OpiPC+ have a better wifi adapter that won't have the same problems as the Opi0?
  4. Thanks gentlemen for the recommendations, but if I bought all that to make it work, I might as well buy an RPi. The thing is, the OPi0 has exactly the hardware I need for my application: 1 USB port, 512MB+ RAM, onboard wifi, an additional NIC (wireless would be great, but wired will work too), microSD memory, capable of running linux (LAMP server). If it were a one-off project, I'd be all for buying the nicer SBC (I've built my project on 3 different RPi versions and have at least 10 RPi's) or buying the accessories to make it work (that's something else I've done before), but I'm look
  5. Perhaps, but right now I'd settle for a small miracle of reliable connections, which I'm guessing isn't happening based on the large number of a fore mentioned tx retries.
  6. Thanks for the tip, borombo, but my application already uses the USB for a flash drive for expanded storage.
  7. Thanks! I'd love to contribute to the solution, but my skillset is limited (a lot of the stuff you said over there was over my head). I posted there. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
  8. Thanks for your efforts on this! I'm hoping, like everyone else, for a better wifi driver. I'd love to help, but my skillset doesn't run that deep, unfortunately. I'm pretty ignorant to how this all works, but from what I read, the H2+ in the OPi Zero is about the same as the H3. If that's the case, would this datasheet for the H3 give you what you need? I'm super motivated to get the OPi Zero wifi working a bit better, as it's the perfect hardware (exact features) I need for my project. If there's any
  9. I've set up my new OPi Zero as a wireless AP running the latest Armbian build for the OPi0. It's working mostly great. My one problem I'm having is that my speeds seem to be throttled to 5-6Mbps. I connect wirelessly from my phone and run a speed test and get 5-6Mbps. If I connect directly to my router, I get 30Mbps. I have a Rpi3 set up about the same as the OPi0, and when I connect it up I get the full 30. Each time I've tested with the OPi and RPi, my phone is the only device connected. So, I've poked around online and I can't seem to figure out if it's a hardware limitation or if i