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  1. Thanks for the insight! Now I need to see if anyone understands where I can change the APB2 clock registers... Something in uboot? or is it going to require a new kernel?
  2. Hey all, I'm loving the Neo Air! Couple of issues that I've seen so far, and hoping to see if you guys have suggestions. I started with the 5.24 image with the 3.X kernel and everything is working great. Mindlessly did an upgrade to 5.25 and it killed access to the bluetooth device. Not showing up at all. I've rolled back to the previous image for now. Secondly, (I posted another topic about this) I'm trying to get higher baud rates on the UARTs, specifically 460800. Any suggestions? Keep up the good work! Leif
  3. Hello all, I'm working on a project where I need at least 460800 baud on a UART on the NanoPi Neo Air. Works great at lower baud rates but can't seem to get it much faster than 115200. Any thoughts on clock adjustment or CPU speed? I'm using Armbian 5.24 with the 3.X kernel
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