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  1. Hello,I have a bananapi m2+ I would like to install kodi version 17 to the standard repositories is the only version of 15 which doesn't suit me. tell me how to install the 17 version? I'm new to Linux and don't understand much,if there is a possibility lay out the user manual which would have helped with the installation. I want to install on server version armbian and that would be after the launch of the banana pi automatically instead of a desktop was loaded kodi interface, so it is possible to do?
  2. Hello, please tell me how to install 16 or 17 version of Kodi for bananapi m2+ is first set 15.2
  3. My device banana pi m2 +
  4. Hello, I'm interested in how to run the application calculated for a normal computer x86_64 (ubuntu), since the architecture arm is not supported, you need to do it as a bypass, in the application I post the script that I need to install. This is a radio bot. help me please sinusbot_installer.sh
  5. The fact that I want to use Banana pi as a torrent and web server, and not only as a media center I want to have installed Ubuntu \ Debian and be able to use a Banana as a media center and torrent and web server, if I install the image,I understand that the problems that I described I can't use. to OpenEleec you can connect via ssh? will I be able to install programs from the repositories?? and on what distribution OpenEleec based? I understand that this is the address of the repository http://down.nu/repository/official/7.0/H3/arm/ I'm new to Linux, tell me how to add this repository in to KODI installed from it,and install dependencies automatically?
  6. Hello dear people of the forum. I have Banana pi m2+ a week actually already have been struggling to install kodi,there are always some mistakes. I want to install Kodi on Raspbian finished Assembly \ Ubunru all my attempts have not crowned success.Tell me is there some sort of work instruction is time tested to install Kodi? Thank you in advance for your answers