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  1. Batmah

    G16 TVBOX

    Armbian 5.89 21-06-2019 mSD card 8Gb all devices are recognized however, the LTE modem does not work. Also, the installation of the operating system on emmc from the configurator was unsuccessful. On emmc, partitions are created, files are there, the booting starts and then "no root fs"
  2. Batmah

    G16 TVBOX

    Armbian 5.32 on mSD card Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 3.14.29 USB Devices : 1d6b:0003 root hub 258a:1005 BT tested ok 2c7c:0125 modem 4G LTE 1a40:0801 Terminus Technology Inc. 1d6b:0002 root hub wifi tested ok
  3. Batmah

    G16 TVBOX

    balbes150 Thank you ! 1. I deleted Android 7.1 eMMC because in this version of the android there was no menu to add an google account , there was no playmarket, there were no root, there was no update&upgrade / Unusable Android 7.1 2. I did not find a way to get dtb.img from eMMC , and Amlogic Burning Tool cannot detect TVBOX Then I burn to eMMC image miniM8SII rv112 , and TVBOX can start now ; hdmi , wifi and usb mouse are ok . Then I update Android with aml_autoscript s905x , and can start ArmbianMate for S912 from mSD ( works well for over a year on another S912 ) I will continue the tests
  4. Batmah

    G16 TVBOX

    Upd! I tried to boot the Armbian from the mSD card and ide-usb hard disk . attached log from the terminal booting-terminal.txt
  5. Batmah

    G16 TVBOX

    Hardware : Amlogic S905X , 3x22650 battery, SIM, EMMC SEC 8Gb, RTC with battery, AP6255 WiFi, 4G modem QUECTEL EC25-EFA-512-STD, IR, opt ZigBee Q: Please help me choose a Armbian image to write to the flash EMMC or mSD thanx in advance
  6. balbes150 WinXP для того что иногда нужен IE6
  7. Yes , this is much faster and smooth if booted from HDD
  8. info I connect 60Gb 2.5" IDE HDD via Jmicon USB-PATA-SATA bridge with ext power supply image S9xxx_4G_ICEWM_MATE_XFCE_LXDE_LXQT_20170129.img The system is booted up and running Also using gparted I ran a swap of 4GB partition sda3 Using QEMU successfully launched winxpsp3 , 512 Mb RAM , with networking Sandra 2005 determined the Pentium2-333 processor, the speed is about 70-200 MIPS SoC S905X / TVBox MiniM8II / SZTomatoto vim v1.2
  9. Twice hunging qemu-system-common 1:2.5+dfsg-5ubuntu10.8 during updating process to repair the system : SD card connected to the desktop, and deleted all files of qemu Cannot boot from mSD 64Gb . Is it normal ?
  10. info I checked the image @ 16Gb SanDisk mSD card S9xxx_4G_ICEWM_MATE_XFCE_LXDE_LXQT_20170129.img.xz Mini M8SII S905x after apt-get update , apt-get upgrade worked WiFi - broken , wired - working Video Test - hung with a repeating sound parted,gparted,fdisk cannot recognized mmcblk1 built-in flash but the system works ok, poweroff and reboot commands is working well Tomato developer board vim 1.2 s905x 2G/16G WiFi,BT - not working , before&after update\upgrade parted,gparted,fdisk cannot recognized mmcblk1 built-in flash but the system works ok, poweroff and reboot commands is working well Thanks for the great work !!!