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  1. Welcome everyone and glad to find this great forum I have two boards and one of them has similar problem. With the old debian-server-ct-nand-v1.0.img it is rock stable but with Armbian Debian Jessie mainline it is throwing exceptions during the boot (and freeze). I compiled u-boot from Armbian source with various memory clocks (360-432mhz) without any differences (clock changed but no success boot). Also tried to set ZQ (from 7B to 7D as it is the only "visible" difference between the original Debian and Armbian memory settings) but i isn't changing (according to a10-meminfo). Any idea what could be the problem or what should be my next step? "Good" board (which is working with Armbian) has GT8UB512V memory ICs while the "bad" one has SKHynix.