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    calhemp got a reaction from gnasch in Support for Mele A1000/A2000 armbian   
    Hi, thanks for the efforts making armbian very well and very stable for all the distributions, I'm running with a Cubieboard 1 and other arm devices..
    I don't want to disturb,
    but I'll be a headache to support or add in repository this old A10 device  Mele A1000/A2000? 
    I know that is old chip, but I'm feel nostalgia, because was one of  firsts devices supported in linux-sunxi, and Tom Cubie worked at mele, and sell this litlle joys overseas in 2012, and there are a lot of people now that have  this devices too. a lot now sure in the dust and is in mainline kernel also.
    Tom left Mele, and maked Cubieboard 1, this Mele A1000 I think that have the same configurations, and cubieboard was based on it, this board has no external 40/44 pins headers like cubieboads or other dev devices
    I forked the library and maked a test,
    1) added the fex file (for 3.4.x compilations I think, kernel mainline don't needed right? )
    2) added a conf file in boards section (i don't know if is correct, I  based from cubieboard.conf file)
    Is the correct form to add a device to run
    I run and maked the image and works like a charm, I think that can be polished but is out of my experience , but now works,
    I know that I can compile a new kernel in every update of armbian lib, but I don't know if it can be added to baords list of armbian, and have a fresh compile every update of the libs.
    and if is a problem I will do it as now of if can be a better configure option, I'm a all ears.
    thanks in advance. Pere.