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    maybe this answers your question? vpu support best, gnasch
  2. fun! "boot up and remove sd" functionality

    Hi, no experience with this here, but did you read: The note about overlayroot? best, gnasch
  3. Teamviewer Pine64 A64 allwinner

    try /var/log/apt/history.log best wishes, gnasch
  4. Hi sniffyjaay i have several opipcplus working in a "lean desktop" mode. They run armbian 5.25 jessie with the legacy kernel. I have tried to cut back on the insane writing of cache and state data by firefox, have installed qpdfview, the complete libreoffice, xfce4-power-manager and lightdm instead of nodm. They are always on and run reliably over ethernet or wlan connected by the user's mount to a samba server with the data. As surfing station and Office PC they run reasonably fast, especially when you consider that you don't have to wait for endless windows starts and -updates. When a user is logged in but not active, the OpiPcPlus falls asleep after selected half hour, and stays ready consuming only a few mA until the button is pressed, then it is back within a second. I did not bother with cases, but mounted the pi's vertically with 5mm distance on a little wood plate fixed to the desk. This plate also holds the wifi antenna on its top. The natural airflow before and behind the board is easily sufficient for cooling with a simple Al heat-spreader. Until now I failed to have them fall asleep when unused without user login, although I edited logind.conf. I would like to achieve this not only to save the little energy, but also to save writing to the SD card and to stop burning an image into the monitor. hth, gnasch
  5. [Example] Support proposal for ROCK64

    Hi devs, you are complaining about support nightmare. Microsoft had it much worse, with all possible shitty hardware being introduced without drivers and users expecting it to be supported. Their anwer: "Certified for Windows Vista" with a nice icon to be printed on the sales page. Conditions for the hardware vendor to include the icon was defined by Microsoft. No hardware vendor will read the complaints in your forum. Armbian on the other side has quite the reputation. Do the same, define conditions for boards to be "Certified for Armbian" and push the vendors your way. best, gnasch
  6. Orange Pi Plus 2 Blocks Internet

    Hi I did not really understand your network setup. Maybe describe it? Is this the "two interfaces on the same subnet problem?" In this case see here: or do you have some "cable modem" which could be bound to the MAC Address of the connected interface? Difficult to see from here. best, gnasch
  7. Odriod Xu4 eats my HDD every hour

    Hi, you can install sudo apt-get install ncdu and then run ncdu / this way you can see which files are the biggest, and after a few hours, which are growing. Keep us informed. best, gnasch
  8. how to start lightdm - h2

    Hi Bruno Armbian seem to offer only "server" distros for the pi zero which means without GUI. I do not have zero, but opi pc plus for which armbian "desktop" exists. you might try: # apt-get install lightdm followed by: # service lightdm start But it would be easier if you get an opi for which a desktop armbian exists. best, gnasch
  9. Hi Loanrn If you have quite a benign, electrically undisturbed environment and short distances to your sensors you might get by with properly shielded and grounded cables to your sensors. For factory floor environments and such you might want to read the ISOFACE product brief from infineon, which deals with isolating your I/O to the microcontroller. best, gnasch
  10. leftsubnet= rightsubnet= I am not used to strongswan syntax, but if the left subnet is the same as the right one, how do you expect routing to decide which packets have to go through the tunnel between left and right? best, gnasch
  11. UART unreadable characters

    This module could help: Max232Module
  12. UART unreadable characters

    I think a directly connected RS-232 port expects voltages of +3..15V for a logic "0" and -3..15V for a logic "1". Your opi outputs signals that use 0V for "0" and 3.3V for "1". hth, gnasch
  13. I think you need the desktop version, and the video player mpv can be controlled by the command line or via ssh. best wishes, gnasch
  14. Good afternoon, I am using armbian 5.25 on orangepipcplus with legacy kernel. when visiting site with firefox, I will only see the "mobile" site with restricted functionality. On the bottom of the screen there is a link "Google-Ansicht klassisch" which should bring me to the desktop version of google. But when pressing this a popup tries to come up but will not finish its presentation. Now this tab is blocked, I never get to accept google terms and conditions and can not use google. Do you see the same behaviour? Is there any known remedy? PS: Yes, I tried firefox "safe mode" - same thing! Thanks, gnasch
  15. maybe start with this one: