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  1. [Odroid HC2] Bad file transfer speed after omv update?

    Got rid of the syn flooding and also reapplied thermal paste. I saw that hardkernel (or better said the factory where the boards are produced) did a good job on the paste. I noticed temp really spikes up when I tranfer sth. via network, from like 55 to over 70 degree. Is that to worry? I don't copy sth. at full speed all the time. I only notice it via smb, via nfs there isn't suach a spike in temp.
  2. [Odroid HC2] Bad file transfer speed after omv update?

    Hmm... now transfer speed is alright again... Could low transfer speed be related to higher cpu load and temperature? I mean I don't really have cpu intensive stuff running on my HC2 but maybe higher temperature makes it clock down? I'll definetly reapply thermal paste.... it's sad that they don't do that properly ex works.
  3. [Odroid HC2] Bad file transfer speed after omv update?

    I read that and also tried to massage the soc to improve the contact. Last time I checked, temp was ok but yeah the board recently did some downloading and copying. I'll think about reapplying thermal paste. Can't be that hard difficult right? I'd buy some thermal paste, take the soc of the enclosure, clean the old thermal paste with some rubbing alcohol and apply new none. Old kernel...yeah, I don't know how to switch to the new one or if I even should.. I thought if it's a good idea to change, arbian will do it automatically after apt upgrade. I don't really know how to do these tests with iozon and iperf3, I can monitor it and hope the tranfer speed recovers.
  4. [Odroid HC2] Bad file transfer speed after omv update?

    S Sure:
  5. Hi, yesterday I did a apt upgrade and noticed that my omv install also got updated. Now copying from my HC2 I only get like 50 mb/s. I always got like 100 mb/ least win explorer showed this, I know it's not accurate. Could the update have erased/overwritten all these nice tweaks @tkaiser made for us to increase tranfer speed? That would be very unfortunate :/ Any chance I can roll back the omv update?
  6. [Odroid HC2] Assign apps to always use certain cpu cores

    Thx for your help, now everything works like I want it to
  7. [Odroid HC2] Assign apps to always use certain cpu cores

    I can't get it to work in service files. I just added this at the bottom for testing: [Manager] CPUAffinity= 1 2 3 then systemctl daemon-reload restart the process and look up the pid. Then with ps -o pid,psr,comm -p PID check it. But here I see a different core assigned then 1,2 or 3. I also tried creating /etc/systemd/system/unit.d and create a .conf file in it with just the manager part, also didn't work. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Starting the app from console with taskset works.
  8. [Odroid HC2] Assign apps to always use certain cpu cores

    Thx, I didn't even think about that. I also have one service in /etc/init.d/, I think that's sysvinit. Is there something like this also for sysvinit you know of?.. I tried googling it but didn't find anything. ( Don't know if I understood that. I noticed that in my apps I can specify the path to unrar. My idea is to change it to a script: `/path/to/` And in the script just put: #!/bin/bash taskset --cpu-list 4,5,6,7 /usr/bin/unrar But I don't know what the apps will do with this. I guess they somehow have to add the archive to extract and the location to that unrar path..
  9. I learned that the cpu on my hc2 has 4 'slow' cores and 4 fast ones. Now I would want certain apps to always use the fast cores. I found `taskset` to do so. My idea was to just add `taskset --cpu-list 4,5,6,7` in the .service file of the desired app in the execstart line in front. To have it always use the big cores. Would this work? Also I have apps 'calling' unrar to extract files. I don't know how I would do it in this case. I think it'll be a bit complicated to tell the apps to call unrar with `taskset --cpu-list 4,5,6,7`. Is there a way to have unrar always run on the big cores?
  10. ODROID HC1 / HC2

    Thx for the review. Sounds good to me. I'll connect my second 3,5" hdd which is in an usb 3.0 enclosure to the usb 2.0 port. Did you happen to test the transfer speed through usb 2.0 port? I guess it's 30 mb/s..or even faster? Basically I just need to access and play back fullhd video files from the external hdd. It's full and nothing gets stored on it. Won't be any problem, right?
  11. [preview] Generate OMV images for SBC with Armbian

    Oh no, I hope this doesn't mean you completely stop doing your reviews alltogether I'm waiting for the upcoming odroid HC2 and wanted to make a purchase dependent on a review of yours including its nas capabilities. I also plan to use an omv armbian image with possible tweaks of yours... I guess I'll have to use the existing one for xu4/hc1/mc1 and hope there's not significant changes in upcoming odroid HC2
  12. Odroid XU4 - Ubuntu Xenial doesn't run on eMMC

    Sry just found omv thread and edited my previous post :/
  13. Odroid XU4 - Ubuntu Xenial doesn't run on eMMC

    Which ones will be interesting in your opinion? Helios4 looks interesting but I may not even need 2 hdds...Maybe I'll swap hdds and sell the wd my cloud with 3tb hdd in it. Is there a 1 hdd solution that comes to your mind? I also thought of buying the odroid hc1, the hdd enclosure has an esata port, maybe I could hook up the external hdd to the sata port of the hc1 with sata to esata cable.. Unfortunately I saw that there's no "omv armbian" image for the hc1, .. I don't know if I can do that myself. But the hc1 should be as powerful as the xu4, it has the same SoC. Only cooling worries me here. Edit: Ok, just found your thread on omv forum where you state the xu4 name image is also for hc1/hc2/mc1 and read that hardkernel wants to release odroid hc2 for a 3,5" hdd by the end of this month. I will post following questions in this thread, fits better.
  14. Odroid XU4 - Ubuntu Xenial doesn't run on eMMC

    .... so much info in so little link. Thanks for that....For me as a beginner the XU4 Cloudshell 2 combination seemed perfect + on their website they advertise copy speeds via network of ~ 100 mb/s and nothing about loose connections etc.. Well, now I'm exactly where I started off.... Btw. thx also for the insight about sd,hdd and emmc performance. This all confirmes my decision to stay with armbian as os. But now I again don't know which hardware I should use. Pardon me to get off topic but since it seems to me that you're the "diy nas" expert here I want to ask for your advice I have too much devices lying around (probably you have more lying around ) and plan to replace them with...well..idealy one SBC and an enclosure: -) WD My Cloud 6TB, single bay NAS (I'm unhappy with the os, I just needed a new HDD and it was a good offer) -) "old" 3TB HDD in external USB 3.0 enclosure hooked up to NAS via USB port -) Hummingboard i2eX (you're probably familiar to that board) working as my home server -) dirt cheap S905X china box running libreelec working as my media center I think I will stay with the S905X box, it works really good with libreelec. All other devices should be replaced. I would like to take my two hdd's, put them in a case along with a SBC and use this as a NAS/homesever combo. File transfer of ~ 100-110 mb/s via gigabit lan would be really nice. The homeserver is running dl/torrent servers like transmission, nzbget, jdownloader2 | managers like sickrage,radarr,htpcmanager and also unrar at a decent decompressing speed would be nice. All of that + NAS functionallity...... Do you think it's doable or am I dreaming of an "egg-laying wool-milk-sow"? The Rock64 seems promising, but do you think it will be able to handle the homeserver jobs?
  15. Odroid XU4 - Ubuntu Xenial doesn't run on eMMC

    I think my question fits in here: Did anyone try to install rootfs on a hdd using nand-sata-install? I plan on buying xu4 + cloudshell 2 installing 2 hdds. First I thought I get N eMMC module but user meveric from odroid forum told me, that write speed is better if rootfs is on hdd. Acording to him read and write speed is ~ 130 MB/s if running from hdd. And from eMMC read speed is like 190 MB/s but write speed is waay lower, 35-75 MB/s. Gesendet von meinem ONE E1003 mit Tapatalk