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    trohn_javolta reacted to jshc1 in Odroid HC2 (Exynos-5422) openvpn client tweaks?
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    trohn_javolta reacted to Igor in HC1: How to stay up to date with latest stable releases?   
    Yes, your board will receive full updates. Currently, we are at kernel 4.9.y but this NEXT is about to be upgraded to 4.14.y when its time.
    You don't need to change anything.
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    trohn_javolta reacted to tkaiser in ODROID HC1 / HC2   
    HC2 is now officially available: (see especially mechanical incompatibility note for few 3.5" HDD at the bottom)
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    trohn_javolta got a reaction from jsilence in [preview] Generate OMV images for SBC with Armbian   
    Oh no, I hope this doesn't mean you completely stop doing your reviews alltogether 
    I'm waiting for the upcoming odroid HC2 and wanted to make a purchase dependent on a review of yours including its nas capabilities.
    I also plan to use an omv armbian image with possible tweaks of yours... I guess I'll have to use the existing one for xu4/hc1/mc1 and hope there's not significant changes in upcoming odroid HC2 
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    trohn_javolta reacted to zador.blood.stained in nand-sata-install script   
    Or we should check if we can use systemctl isolate?
    Yes, but we need to make sure that the directory /var/log is created on the target
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    trohn_javolta got a reaction from zador.blood.stained in HOWTO : NFS Server and Client Configuration   
    Small typo here.