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  1. Hey, maybe you'll help further. Any way I try mpv, I get Error when calling vdp_device_create_x11: 25. Noticed that I don't have /dev/cedar_dev despite CONFIG_VIDEO_SUNXI_CEDAR=y in the kernel (included in armbian image, 3.4.113-sun7i). I tried to create the device, sunxi_cedar_mod cedar_dev c243:0 in /lib/modules/modules.devname, and then I get Bus error with mpv. What am I doing wrong? libcedrus, libvdpau, libvdpau-sunxi built from sources, no errors. Thank you. EDIT: solved, sorry. Put sunxi_ve_mem_reserve in wrong place. Should be in boot.cmd. EDIT2: :)
  2. Too sad. Same thing with flash? games etc.
  3. Many thanks Igor. Youtube-dl looks like a downloader tho. Still can't get the idea of using crutches in a place they're not for. No way for a video overlay in a plugin? Theoretically? Or WIP?
  4. Hi back, newbie here. Got an old Cubietruck, trying to make a simple youtube player for kids out of it. Installed mali (triangle ok) and fbturbo (x11 logs fine, but can't start test! sunxi_disp_init() failed - ???) Started firefox and youtube - swaaamp, freezes every frame with 100% cpu load.... Read this topic shortly. Feel confused! If there's a dedicated h.264 (or whatever) player capable of using hw acceleration - why no youtube plugin for iceweasel???? Thanks in advance. And, hey, yes, what's wrong with fbturbo tests?
  5. cu6apum

    H3 SPI

    Hi there. Newbie here! Would anyone please point me on a place in the datasheet where the maximum SPI speed for H3 is indicated? Thank you.