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  1. Hi This is what I have figured out thus far for the Banana Pi M3 development board. I have compiled one of the three supported images via Armbian build system (./ on my PC for my BPI M3 (v1.2) board (21.04 hirsute 5.10.43), but there are kernel modules and/or drivers missing to get it fully operational. Mainly AXP813 supply / audio codec SoC drivers, but also gpio pin control, CSI and MIPI (all related to the AXP813 I think) When compilation is going on you can see it is using linux-mainline-orangepi-5.10, this is the reason why for example gpio readall reads and shows only 26 pins instead of 40 pins, and the AXP813 is not fully operational because the analog-codec / hdmi won't work (ALSA won't detect any sound card/driver), dmesg shows a lot of failures. So who knows how to compile these modules and/or drivers for these hardware problems? Where to start? Every little info/detail or hint is welcome. Thanks.