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  1. Yup, you're right, pal. Apologies if I used NAND... But no, your image doesn't recognize the internal eMMC, I had to use h3droid's kernel to recognize it
  2. UPDATE: yup, the armbian kernel is not recognizing the NAND, because I have installed the kernel from h3droid, it boots and recognizes the 2nd MMC if inserted. EDIT: Well, at least it is booting, I hope there's a fix for a mainline kernel for this
  3. Interesting, flashed back AGAIN the old image, but flashed your uboot, mounted and copied the sunvell file, and when booting, this appears: Starting kernel ... Error: unrecognized/unsupported machine ID (r1 = 0x00000000). Available machine support: ID (hex) NAME 00001029 sun8i Please check your kernel config and/or bootloader. Seems to be that the uboot doesn't have the machine id defined? EDIT: Manually setting machid in uboot with 1029 worked setenv machid 1029 saveenv But armbian can't find the emmc... is the kernel making troubles? Will check
  4. I was doing it on the meantime... yup, it worked again, will try to recover it. Thanks!
  5. Well.. tried to recover uboot writing to memory, and I made a rookie mistake hahaha and the sdcard is not booting. How many few times?
  6. Well, initially, it hangs on: U-Boot SPL 2017.07-00494-g19d1f1a-dirty (Aug 30 2017 - 15:37:08) DRAM: 1024 MiB Failed to set core voltage! Can't set CPU frequency Trying to boot from MMC1 I am trying to check if I can reprogram uboot from here
  7. It is not booting from the sdcard just soldered to the uart to try to fix it
  8. Ok, I get it... the only problem is that now it is not booting from the SD, I think that is the problem with tat uboot. I think I need to attach it to a UART console and reprogram it
  9. I did it on the internal eMMC, bro The SDCARD is not booting now, I'll check what I did wrong, but at leaste internal eMMC boot to uboot, boots Linux and then panicks (I think it is the UUID on the bootargs)
  10. With the fex file, ti worked. I used the next command: wget --no-check-certificate " 20171210180447/ enial_default_3.4.113_desktop.img.xz" -O - | pv | unxz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk1 And at least it booted, until it panicked hahaha. I am on the right direction, thank you!
  11. Tried, didnt work (freezes at BOOTING KERNEL). I am installing H3Droid in this moment
  12. eMMC still not recognized I am booting from the SD card btw.
  13. Hey, bro! It's me, netomx from LET It is a pleasure to know you're working on this. Does this FEX file enables eMMC access?
  14. Nice! So we need to recompile the kernel with the patch?
  15. That should be easy to fix, with sunxi-nand-part, the hard problem is to make it recognizable