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  1. From what i've seen, hdmi drivers are still not yet up for h3. Which means, if we want GUI with this mail accesleration, only possible devices are those with AV out or SPI screens. I hope the devs can take a look at https://github.com/megous/linux/tree/orange-pi-4.13 for 4.13, there are patches for hdmi. I'm not sure if its implemented already
  2. Still having [ 41.518342] musb_bus_suspend 2584: trying to suspend as a_wait_bcon while active
  3. You need to enable audio overlay nano /boot/armbianEnv.txt overlays=analog-codec then try aplay. For arecord, refer here https://forum.armbian.com/index.php?/topic/4714-how-do-i-make-arecord-work-in-mainline-opi-zero/&tab=comments#comment-35741
  4. Problem solved. For Mainline, do this 1) alsamixer 2) press TAB (Make sure it falls to F4: CAPTURE) 3) Move to Mic1 (Use arrow keys) 4) Press SPACE and (L R Capture will appear) Quit and you are good to go.
  5. USB0 is actually powered on opi lite. i connected my webcam to an otg adapter and it works fine. (full resolution) Do let me know if there is any tests i can do to help out
  6. Yeap. I'm the OP in that thread. Do try plugging in the otg, only after your pi has fully loaded. It may work for the momment.
  7. overlays=usbhost0 usbhost1 usbhost2 usbhost3 still not working?? dmesg?
  8. FAQ / Personal Experiences Q1) If you wish to do manual testing, without rebooting, we have to rmmod and then modprobe manually [Make sure you have already done all the steps till depmod sudo rmmod fbtft_device sudo rmmod fbtft sudo rmmod ads7846_device sudo rmmod ads7846 sudo modprobe ads7846 sudo modprobe ads7846_device model=7846 cs=1 gpio_pendown=1 keep_vref_on=1 swap_xy=1 pressure_max=255 x_plate_ohms=60 x_min=200 x_max=3900 y_min=200 y_max=3900 sudo modprobe fbtft sudo modprobe fbtft_device rotate=90 name=piscreen speed=16000000 gpios=reset:2,dc:71 txbuflen=32768 fps=25
  9. Mainline Kernel [You can use BOTH LCD and TOUCH] 1) Enable overlays for spi and cs1 sudo nano /boot/armbianEnv.txt add the following to the bottom overlays=spi-spidev spi-add-cs1 param_spidev_spi_bus=0 param_spidev_spi_cs=1 2) Reboot your device LCD 1) Load fbtft and fbtft_device on boot sudo nano /etc/modules-load.d/fbtft.conf fbtft fbtft_device 2) Load fbtft_device options nano /etc/modprobe.d/fbtft.conf options fbtft_device rotate=90 name=piscreen speed=16000000 gpios=reset:2,dc:71 txbuflen=32768 fps=25 3) Since there is no GUI in mainline, le
  10. First of all, credits goes to https://4pda.ru/forum/lofiversion/index.php?t750921-2560.html Device that I used for this guide: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3-5-Inch-TFT-LCD-Moudle-For-Raspberry-Pi-2-Model-B-RPI-B-raspberry-pi/32707058182.html Pinout: http://www.waveshare.com/3.5inch-rpi-lcd-a.htm (Yes, the device is a waveshare knockoff) How to place the device? For Orange pi lite/one it is reversed. For the rest, it should be normal. Refer to https://forum.armbian.com/index.php?/topic/724-quick-review-of-orange-pi-one/ for more info. There are two sections t
  11. So I enabled overlays=usbhost0 in armbianEnv.txt it works after reboot. I connected my OTG converter and connected my bluetooth and managed to see the bluetooth device. However, after rebooting / powercycle, i notice '[ 23.700998] musb_bus_suspend 2584: trying to suspend as a_wait_bcon while active' appearing non-stop in dmesg How to get this message is as follows 1) Switch off your device. 2) Connect your OTG microusb to usb converter (You may / maynot plug in your usb device to it) 3) Switch on your device. 4) Run dmesg and it
  12. nano /boot/armbianEnv.txt add in this overlay overlays=usbhost0 but there is a bug if you reboot. I'm posting the bug right now.
  13. Just to addon, i am using the expansion board. The microphone works well in legacy kernel!
  14. I've already enabled audio-codec in the overlays section I've checked https://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort#Status_Matrix and saw that audio-codec is supported for h3 since 4.10 Required Information: Linux orangepizero 4.11.9-sun8i #3 SMP Sat Jul 15 00:20:53 CEST 2017 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux -->arecord -l shows this pi@orangepizero:~$ arecord -l **** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices **** card 0: Codec [H3 Audio Codec], device 0: CDC PCM Codec-0 [] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 --> running the following command
  15. Unfortunately, once apt-get upgrade kicks in, a reboot will make the wifi dissappear. Anyway to prevent this ?