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  1. Based on personal experience, my device runs under 3 heatsink ( 2 for ram, 1 for cpu ), my country is humid and it hovers about 27 degree celcius. Temperature averages at around 50 deg under 30% constant load through motion software. But when it loads, it runs about 75 deg ++ without any fan.
  2. well, a heatsink is to just spread heat out more evenly. It does NOT cool the device actively. If you place a heatsink in a case, that may not be a good solution. I suggest you to put a fan above it and see if it gets better.
  3. @raschid They didn't add the latest fix https://github.com/fifteenhex/xradio/commit/3f80a7c69a4d00b93bb187edc6beef2b4c38bada
  4. My opi also bricked. And it's due to this change. Uboot via serial stated that it can't find the mentioned file above. Btw could I have the link for the GitHub repo for these changes too!